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Bob Robinson to Bradley

All continues serenely. Calmest I've been in years.

baby with rifle Got Brad a $2.50 Parker-Hale rod. But both Stoeger & National Target send me only round patches. Will ya mail us a bunch of those square ones. Enclosing a little postage. Would send more, but spending every cent for blasting power. (I owe 60 per month for a year, and it'll be a year more before the mine begins paying).

Brad having grand life: fishes, shoots, rides burrows, etc. Only 3 more weeks of school here!

Long time no eat jerky? Better soak it 18 hours or so and then cook slowly, quite a few hours (2 or 3). Not bad!!

bob, brad sitting Staying cold sober. Feeling fine. Working hard. Getting in shape, too. Knee bothers a little, but otherwise -- hell, just a boy!!

This country still wild. Virginal, in fact. Very few cattle any longer. Time has stopped, so far as concerns Tonto Basin!!

When going West? Might meet you...

All quiet along the Potomac...

Geev it a line

Try to get a copy of REAL Detective Magazine for February, 1939. Has article, with pictures, of the Plesant Valley War. We now live in the old Rock House, which was a fort in those days. Brad has a loop-hope beside his bed. Walls are 18" thick solid rock.

Jerky is also good to simply chew. Probably be better with ale!!


Bob Robinson to Bradley
Van Deusen Ranch stationery

Mar. 10


Yup (sezzee) been to th' Hills.... ski tournament at Hot Sulphur. Fred McLaren had 4 brats entered. (We're getting old...)

You read Old Soldier Sahib? India, 1901-7. By a soldier of, and lengthy intro. by Robert Graves, 2nd Welch Fusiliers. O.K.


Bob Robinson to Bradley
Knee progressively worse. Throw it out every few days. Amputation possible. (Just below the ears?) bob, mac, brad

Been dry winter. No snow in Denver. Not much in Hills. 70 degrees here, now.

Going [to] get out of debt, and hock, this summer(?) After -- roam a bit, looking for the Broken Saber. What's your conception?

Make me a copy of that "As I was walking past the woods..." Want.

Apr. 7
Swell paper. Like. Mac wants know when you got suit outa hock? He's living here now. Joining labor union -- Work on Lawry construction with me.

Going try to get him sober -- like us... RBR


News clipping
Ralph B. Robinson. 1040 Marion. Husband of Stella M. Robinson. Recitation of rosary at Moore's today. Requiem mass at St. Philomena's church, 9:30 a. m. Tuesday.

Apparently despondent because of asserted domestic difficulties, Ralph B. Robinson, 37, of 1710 Grant street, a guard employed at the new government small arms ammunition plant in Jefferson county, shot and killed himself with a .38 caliber service revolver in his apartment Friday night. Deputy Coroner John Killham reported Saturday.

Robinson's body was found by a friend, Robert E. McCracken, 38, of 1120 Grant street, who was arrested on a drunkenness charge after he summoned police. Police quoted McCracken as saying that he and Robinson had been drinking together earlier in the day.

Police said Robinson had left his wife, Stella, in their home at 1040 Madison street Friday morning and moved to the Grant street address.

near car
three friends

Cap to Bradley
Thursday May 15

Brad dear --

I am very distressed -- for you. This is a most unhappy mess -- and I hate to have to send you this news--

I got the story from a man at the CCC camp -- Hank Logan -- for whom Bob cooked in the Park in 1934--

Hank went in to the funeral -- and acted as pall-bearer -- He tells me Mac held up splendidly during the funeral but went to pieces very badly afterward --

I wish I could say any words of comfort but there aren't any -- it is a loss of something so dear to you. I can only grieve with you helplessly.

Your telegram at Easter made me very happy-- Please write to me--

Johnny is a civil service something at Lowrie Field - so she is well taken care of-- She should also have a pension - should she not?

My love dear --

soldier with sword

Bob MacCracken to Jean
Denver Colo
Jan. 19, 1947

Dear Jean

Very glad to hear from you, even if it was so cold.

Think you have it wrong though. Give Van to the Salvation army and keep the books and things.

Have given him the information you sent.

Had hope that he could be straightened out, but now, don't know now. I'll do anything for him, but can't stand him around me, would like to know something of what you think happened to him. Of course he blames every one & every thing but himself, have been trying to get him to do some self analysis, and has done some, but he gives up easily.

Love Mac

[The friendship of Bradley and Mac went back to their days teaching ROTC at the University of Chicago. After Bradley was reassigned to New York, Mac wrote one of the columns to which Bradley frequently contributed.]

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