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Mar 6, 1929

Editor's Note: This column was written by Bobbie Mac because there was no one else to write it. We know it's not worthy of the space, so don't read it.
--Bobbie Mac.

[Kiddie Kar Publicity]
By Bobbie Mac

For the past two years we have served by Intramural department in the capacity of a helping hand when it came to the publicity racket. We've found that they were a nice bunch of boys with no end of clever ideas. It's really been a pleasure to work with them. They always have something original on tap in the way of ideas and innovations. Last year it was a kiddie kar race, which didn't work out so well, especially for the helping hand. This year they got this club relay idea, which seems to give greater promise of success.

After all, it takes the women to really interest the men in running -- when the most they have been doing in the way of training has been a little heavy bridge playing and napping on the sofa in the front room of the fraternity house. Maybe a little beer drinking on the side to help out -- near beer of course. It will give us no end of pleasure to watch the boys get out there and run. It will be a kind of grim pleasure to be sure, for we've done a little running ourselves now and then. The girls should really feel flattered. They would if they but knew what was going on in their gallant champion's stomachs. For experience tells us that it will be stomachs rather than hearts which will suffer on Friday night.

We always will remember that kiddie kar race last year. I don't recall that the finals of it were ever held. The only time that we know about that any kiddie kar race was held was when one of the photographers from one of the downtown papers came out to take pictures. The race was originally intended to take place between such prominent B.M.O.C.'s as the president of the senior class, the chairman of the Undergraduate council and other sterling luminaries.

This photographer was an awfully enterprising chap. You've got to hand it to him for that. He ended up by getting some of the most presentable of the campus women who were up there getting their pictures taken as carnival ticket saleswomen, to pose on the kiddie kars. About this time the helping hand went downstairs in Bartlett to arrange for some posed pictures to be taken in the trophy room. The enterprising photogrpher led the women upstairs to the Intramural office and took some very edifying pictures of them falling off their kiddie kars. These pictures were suppressed after considerable effort. The helping hand still gets a chill down his back when he remembers how near he came to getting helped out of school for corrupting the innocent girls. We wish our successor and friend Mr. Robert Graf the greatest success with his publicity and advise him to avoid enterprising photographers.

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