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Letter to Governor George Clinton
Kingsbury July 14th 1744

I told you so!
I had to dissolve our Assembly,
but I'll try again in August.
But no promises!

I have reciev'd the Honr of yours of the 9th Currant, w'ch was given me by my son, who tells me yt you & your Spouse & family were in good health, w'ch I was pleas'd to heare; and that your meeting wth the Indians and treating wth them has been finish'd to your satisfaction. I believe they are not unacquainted how necessary we think it to be in good termes wth them at this time, & are not ignorant how to make an advantage of it. I cannot say much to the proposalls of the gentlemen of New England. They perhaps have had powers or Promises from their Assemblies, to carry what they should agree to into execution, & when we have sufficient assurances to be able to make good our engagements on those or such like heads, they are not unworthy consideration; but till then are rather points of speculation concerning what should, or ought to be, than what can be.

I send you one print of our proceedings here the last sitting of our Assembly, w'ch I met as soon as I could after recieving his Majestie's declaration of war; & you'll see wth what effect. I Intend to meet a new Assembly about ye 16th of August next: & I have not any great reason to believe it will be wth Better success, while those call'd Quakers have any Influence. Pensilvania is in much the like condition, & I feare our enemies know it too well. They have there a popish chappell & numbers of Irish & Germans that are papists; and I am told that, should the French land 1500 or 2000 men, they would in that Province soon get 10 or 12 thousand together, w'ch would in such case be not a little dangerous to these and the neighboring Collonies; & in my opinion seems to make it necessary for the ministry to take some thought about us; & do that for us w'ch its plain we refuse here to do for our selves. I am, emptySir, yours with great regard, emptyL. M.

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