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Letter to the Duke of New Castle
Kingsbury June 10th 1744

It's WAR!
The Quakers are going to be tough.
They excommunicated a judge
just for saying self-defense is okay!

My Lord:
I yesterday Reciev'd your Grace's of ye 31st of March last via Boston, wth his Majestie's Declaration of war against the French King, & his Majestie's Declaration for the Encouragement of his ships of war and Privateers. I caus'd them Immediately to be publish'd, & sent Expresses with them to be published in the other parts of the Province. I allso sent an Express to Governour Thomas of Pensilvania, with the packet & publick letters directed to him, and those directed to the Governours of Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, & to ye Captaines of his Majestie's ships there. I have, in expectation of his Majestie's declaration of war, continued our Assembly by short Prorogations, and intend to meet them on ye 22d of this month, to try if I can previale on them to put the militia into some better condition, to make it as usefull as may be on occasion; and shall be glad if the influence the Quakers have amongst them do not Prevent it. Their excommunicating a Chief Justice of the Lower Counties of Pensilvania who thought selfe defence lawfull, and press'd it as necessary, I feare will have no good effect upon those of them that are members of our Assembly. Inclos'd I send for your Grace's amusement a printed account of that affaire lately made publick, and am, my Lord,
emptyYour Grace's, &c. emptyL. M.

To the Duke of New Castle.

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