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Letter From Governor George Clinton
New York 23d July 1744

I know. I know. Just do what you can.

I have your favour of 14 inst., being left by the Colonel with the Chief Justice, in his way home, so I have not seen him.

The Gentlemen from Boston had a Commission from their Governour of 8 June, by and with the advice of their Assembly, to treat with me, & the Neighbouring Governments, upon Measures, either Jointly or Separeately, for annoying the Enemy in the Present War, which I think is a sufficient power, to concert with them, & execute what may be agreed upon.

I have met our Assembly, & have recommended to them, int al, to raise Supplys to enable me to give me the like powers, and I think it a matter of so great a Consequence, that it should be immediately agreed to; they come in slowly, and what may result from their weighty Deliberations, when together, time & patience must discover.

I am writing away for England by way of Philadelphia that I have not had time to look into the Proceedings of your last Sitting, but question not that your reasons are well grounded for dissolving them; I wish you better success in your next, when I hope the stubborn sett will not prevail, agreeable to their Cursed Principles.

The encouragement of Popery in these Colonys may have very dreadfull Effects, and I am told, those call'd Moravians are of that Principle, and are attempting to seduce our Indians from their Fidelity. I think some method should be taken to suppress those numerous itinerant pretenders to this & that sort of Religion, which may cloak their zeal for that which is destructive to us.

I shall hint to you occasionally, what is doing, while our Assembly sitts; in the mean time I am, very truly,
emptyDr Sir, your Excellency's
emptymost Obedt Humble Servant emptyG. Clinton

His Ex'cy Lewis Morris Esqr.

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