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John3, John2, Lt. John1
John2, Lt. John1
Lt. John1

Lt. John1
Lt. John Remington
b:1 1602, Garrowby, England
D:1 8: 4m: 1667, Rowley, Essex, MA
father: Richard Remington1
mother: Elizabeth Hutton1
m:1 1631, Rowley/Roxbury, Essex/Norfolk, MA
b:1 Abt. 1606, Yorkshire, England
D: 24: 10m: 1657, Rowley, Essex, MA

At the time they sailed from Hull England to Newbury MA (1637), John and Elizabeth had two sons, John and Thomas, both born in Yorkshire.

The reason they immigrated was probably religious. Not long after they arrived, they joined with a group led by Rev. Ezekial Rogers, a Puritan minister who was suspended for not conforming to the regulations as to public worship of King Charles I and Archbishop Laud.

John was a Lieutenant of the Rowley Company during the Pequor War, May 26, 1647. He was a carpenter, and a school teacher. His father left him 300 pounds and an annuity of 30 pounds per year. His brother Timothy left him a ten pound per year annuity.

After his wife Elizabeth died, John moved to Roxbury where he married Rhoda Gardner Gore (1607-1698), the widow of John Gore. After John died, Rhoda married for the third time (13 June 1674) Edward Proter (1610-1677).

1. John Remington
b:1 Abt 1629, Yorkshire

The tendency to give a new baby the same name as one that has died leads to a real confusion when trying to sort out how many individuals of a given name actually existed. Two birth dates and a single adult death date seems a good likelihood to mean that the death of the first child was not recorded.

2. John Remington
b:1 1633, Yorkshire
d:1 1709, Warwick, RI
3. Thomas Remington
b:4 Bef 1639, Yorkshire
d:4 16 April 1743, Dartmouth, Plymouth, MA
4. Jonathan Remington
B: "last day": 12m: 1639, Rowley, Mass
d:2 21 April 1700, Cambridge MA

Jonathan served as a captain in King Philip's War, 1675-6, and married Martha, the daughter of Andrew Belcher. Besides being a carpenter and the proprietor of the Blue Anchor tavern, he was Selectman and Town clerk for Cambridge.

5. Daniel Remington
B: 8m: 1642, Rowley, Mass
d:2 1643-4, Died Young

One of the more confusing families to document, Boyd Scott Remington5 gives Daniel's birth date as 2 Oct 1641.

3. Mary Remington
b: Bef 1643, Rowley, Mass
D: 1643, Rowley, Mass
6. Hannah Remington
B: 19: 4m: 1643, Rowley, Mass
d:2 8 Nov 1673

Hannah married Thomas Larkin, the son of Edward and Joanna Larkin, on 13 Sep 1666 in Charleston.

5. Elizabeth Remington
B: 5: 2m: 1645, Rowley, Mass
D: 6m: 1645, Rowley, Mass
5. Elizabeth Remington
b:2 5 Apr 1648, Rowley, Mass
d:2 1680, Rowley, Mass

This Elizabeth lived long enough to marry twice. First, Campridge John Stedman on 14 May 1666. After he died, she married Samuel Gibson..

3. Mary Remington
B: "last day": 1m: 1653, Rowley, Mass
D: 5m: 1653, Rowley, Mass


John2, Lt. John1
John Remington
b:1 1633, Yorkshire
d:2 1709, Warwick, RI
father: Lt. John Remington
mother: Elizabeth
m:2 1649, Rowley, Essex, Ma
Abigail Acie
b:2 1630, near Jamestown, Newport
father: William Acie3
mother: Margaret Haiton3

John, like his father and brother, was a carpenter, though an itinerant one. He lived in Newbury in 1637, Rowley 1639-52, Andover in 1654, Haverhill in 1661. Shortly after 1664 he was a member of the colony of Jamestown RI, about this same year he removed to Warwick RI, where he died.

Did we say confusing? A more specific death date1 for John in yet another location.

1. John Remington
B: 20: 1m: 1650, Rowley, Essex, Ma
d:2 1688, poss. Newport, Newport, RI
2. Abigail Remington
B: 14: 7m: 1652, Rowley, Essex, Ma
3. Joseph Remington
b:2 29 Nov 1654, Andover, lived Jamestown
4. Prudence Remington
B: 14: 5m: 1657, Rowley, Essex, Ma
d:x BEF 2 JAN 1751
5. Stephen Remington
b:2 1659
d:2 19 Feb 1738

Or Stephen was born in 1665.

Buried Quaker Cemetery, Cononicut Island, freeman 1696, Capt. Jamestown militia, married Penelope (1666-1740).2

6. Daniel Remington
b:2 18 Oct 1661, Andover, lived Jamestown

Or maybe he was born in Haverhill.

Married in Jamestown Elizabeth Stanford Dyer (11 July 1655 - Aug 1718), the widow of Henry Dyer, the daughter of Captain John Sanford of Portsmouth.2

7. Hannah Remington
b:3 3 Jul 1664, Haverhill, lived Jamestown
8. Mary Remington

Married in Jamestown George Havens of George and Eleanor Thurston Havens.2

9. David Remington2
10. Elizabeth Remington3
11. Thomas Remington3


John3, John2, Lt. John1
John Remington
B: 20: 1m: 1650, Rowley, Essex, Ma
d:2 1688, poss. Newport, Newport, RI
father: John Remington
mother: Abigail Acie
m:3 1678-1679, Kings Town, Newport, Rhode Island
Abigail Richmond
b:4 1656, Newport, Newport, RI
d:4 20 Jul 1744, Rhode Island
father: Captain Edward Richmond
mother: Abigail Davis

It is from this couple that Frederick Remington, the artist, descends.

1. Martha Remington
b:4 Abt. 1683, Kings Town, Newport, Rhode Island
d:4 Aft 20 Jul 1744, Kings Town, Newport, Rhode Island
2. Hannah Remington
b:4 Abt 1687, Kingstowne,Washington Co.,RI
3. Abigail Remington
b:4 1681, Kingstowne,Washington Co.,RI
b:4 6 Mar 1763, North Kingston, Washington, RI
4. Elizabeth Remington
b:4 1685
b:4 Jul 1748



1 Mary Ward's Website
2 Remington Descendants of John of Newbury, 1637 and Rowley Mass
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John3, John2, Lt. John1
John2, Lt. John1
Lt. John1

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