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Remington Family Births in Rowley, MA
Vital Records of Rowley, MA to the End of 1849


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Remington, Jonathan"last day": 12m: 1639.John and Elizabeth
Remington, Daniell8m: 1642.John and Elizab[eth]
Remington, Hannah19: 4m: 1643.John and Elizabeth
Remington, Elisabeth5: 2m: 1645.John and Elizabeth
Remington, Mary"last day": 1m: 1653.John and Elesabeth
Remington, John20: 1m: 1650.John and Abigaill
Remington, Abigaill14: 7m: 1652.John and Abigaill
Remington, Prudence14: 5m: 1657.John and Abigale
Remington, Thomas15 July 1659.Thomas and Mehitabell
Remington, John2 Nov 1661.Thomas and Mehitabel
Remmington, Jonathan26: 10m: 1663.Thomas
Remmenton, Mary14 Jul 1666.Thomas [and Mehitabel] C.R. 1
Remington, Sarah8 Dec 1668.Thomas [d. Mehitabel] C.R. 1
Remington, Samuel28 Jul 1672.bap. C.R. 1

Remington Family Deaths in Rowley, MA

Remintan, Elesabeth6m: 1645dau. John and Elesabeth, bur.
Remmington, Elizabeth24 10m: 1657wife Lt. John, bur
Remington, Mary1643dau. John and Elisabeth, bur.
Remintan, Mary5m: 1653dau. John and Elisabeth, bur.
Remington, John8: 4m: 1667buried C.R. 1

Remington Family Marriages in Rowley, MA

ThomasWalker, Mehitabellint.19 Jan 1658


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