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Henry4, Henry3, Gilbert2, Robert1
Henry3, Gilbert2, Robert1
Gilbert2, Robert1

Robert Livingston
b:1 13 Dec 1654, Ancrum, Roxburghshire, Scotland
d:2 20 April 1725, Manor of Livingston, NY
m:2 9 July 1679, Presbyterian Church, Albany NY
father:1 Reverend John Livingston
mother:1 Janet Fleming
Alida Schuyler
b:2 28 Feb 1656, Beverwyck NY
d:2 27 Mar 1729
father:2 Philip Pietersen Schuyler
mother:2 Margaretta van Slichtenhorst

Alida Schuyler first married Reverend Nicholas Van Rensselaer.2

1. John (Johannes) Livingston
b:2 26 Apr 1680, NY
d:2 1720, England

John Livingston was one of the Representatives for New London in the General Assembly at New Haven, CT, 1706-07; member of the Council, and attended the meetings of the same from Jun 1709 to Jul 1710.

He married, first, Mary Winthrop (d:8 Jan 1713, only child of Fitz-John Winthrop, Governor of Connecticut. He married, second on 1 Oct 1713, Elizabeth Knight (d:17 Mar 1735-6) daughter of Mrs. Sarah Knight.

John had no children by either marriage.2

2. Margaret Livingston
b:2 5 Dec 1682, NY
d:2 June 1758

Margaret married on 20 Dec 1700, Colonel Samuel Vetch, later first English governor of Annapolis Royal, who died in debtor's prison in London England. Their daughter, Alida Vetch, married Stephanus Bayard on 12 Mar 1725.2

3. Johanna Phillipina Livingston
b:2 1 Feb 1683-4
d:2 24 Jan 1689-90
4. Philip Livingston
b:2 9 Jul 1686, Albany NY
d:2 4 Feb 1749, NYC

Philip, the second Lord of Livingston Manor, married Catharine Van Brugh.2

5. Robert Livingston, Jr.
b:2 24 July 1688, Albany NY
d:2 27 June 1775

Robert married Margaret Howarden, 11 Nov 1717.2

6. Gilbert (Hubertus) Livingston
b: 3 Mar 1690, Albany NY
d: 25 Apr 1746, Kingston NY
7. William Livingston
b:2 17 Mar 1692
d:2 5 Nov 1692
8. Johanna Livingston
b:2 10 Dec 1694

Johanna married Cornelius Gerrit Van Horne.2

9. Catharine Livingston
b:2 22 May 1698, Clermont NY
d:2 6 Dec 1699


Gilbert2, Robert1
Gilbert Livingston
b: 3 Mar 1690, Albany, Albany County, NY
d: 25 Apr 1746, Kingston NY
m:2 22 Dec 1711, Kingston NY
father:2 Robert Livingston
mother:2 Alida Schuyler
Cornelia Beekman
b:2 18 Jun 1693, Kingston NY
d:2 24 Jun 1742
father:2 Henry Beekman
mother:1 Joanna Lopers Davidson

Gilbert Livingston was a lawyer, registrar of the Colonial Court of Chancery in 1720, and clerk of the county of Ulster the same year. From 1728 to 1738 he was a member of the Assembly for the Manor; major of Dutchess County militia and received the commission of lieutenant-colonel in 1739.

Under his father's will he inherited one-seventh part of the Saratoga patent.2

President George Bush is a descendent of Gilbert Livingston.

1. Robert Gilbert Livingston
b:2 11 Jan 1713
d:2 27 Oct 1789

Robert Gilbert was loyal to the British Crown, even though his three sons held commissions in the Continental army.

He was a merchant in New York City and married Catharine McPheadres, the daughter of John McPheadres and Helena (Johnson) McPheadres, on 3 Nov 1740. They had 5 children. 2

2. Henry Livingston
bap:2 29 Aug 1714, NY
d:2 10 Feb 1799
3. Alida Livingston
bap: 20 May 1716, NY

Alida Livingston married, first, Jacob Rutsen (24 Nov 1737), son of John Rutsen and Catharine (Beekman) Rutsen; married, second, Henry Van Rensselaer, son of Hendrick Van Rensselaer and Catharine (Van Brugh) Van Rensselaer. 2

4. Gilbert Livingston

Died young.2

5. Gilbert Livingston

Married Joy Dorrell of Bermuda. Their children were Dorrell and Gilbert Livingston.2

6. Johannes Livingston
bap:2 5 Oct 1720, Kingston NY
d:2 Oct 1739
7. Johanna Livingston
b:2 28 Aug 1722, Kingston NY
d:2 16 Sep 1808

Johanna married, May 28, 1728, Pierre Van Cortlandt, who was member of Colonial Assembly, president of the New York Committee of Safety, and first Lieutenant-Governor, State of New York, 1777.2

8. William Livingston
bap:2 23 Aug 1724, Kingston NY
d:2 Sparta

Died unmarried.2

9. Phillip Livingston
bap:2 26 Jun 1726, Kingston NY
d:2 Curacao

Died without issue.2

10. James Livingston
bap:2 7 Apr 1728, Kingston NY
d:2 Poughkeepsie NY

James was sheriff of Dutchess County in 1761, a member of the Provincial Congress in 1776-77, and in 1777, chairman of the New York Committee of Safety.

James' will was dated 16 Sep 1789 and was probated March 24, 1790.

He married Judith Newcomb (1733-1808), the daughter of Thomas Newcomb and Judith (Woodworth) Newcomb, on 11 Nov 1751.2

11. Samuel Livingston
bap:2 1 Feb 1730, Kingston NY
d:2 at sea

Died unmarried.2

12. Cornelius Livingston
bap:2 30 Apr 1732, Kingston NY

Died unmarried.2

13. Catharine Livingston
bap:2 21 Jul 1734, Kingston NY
d:2 1769, Hartford CT

Catharine married Thomas Thorn, (1724-14 Nov 1777, Hartford CT). They did have children.2

14. Margaret Livingston
bap:2 23 Jun 1738, Kingston NY
bur:2 14 Nov 1777

Margaret married Peter Stuyvesant on 17 Oct 1764. Peter (13 Oct 1727-7 Oct 1805) was the great-grandson of Governor Stuyvesant (1602-82). They had six children. 2


Henry3, Gilbert2, Robert1
Henry Livingston
b: 29 Aug 1714, NY
d: 10 Feb 1799
m:1 1742
father:1 Gilbert Livingston
mother:1 Cornelia Beekman
Susanna Storm Conklin
b:2 1724, Philipsburgh, Westchester Co NY
d:2 1793
father:1 John Conklin
mother:1 Joanna Storm

Henry Livingston was baptized at the Dutch Reformed Church, New York.

From 1742 to 1789, Henry was county clerk of Dutchess County, and from 1759 to 1768 he was a member of the assembly from that county.2

Dr. Livingston and Susan settled at Poughkeepsie, where he had a grant, for life, of the clerkship of Dutchess County. He was for many years a member of the Provincial Assembly from the County of Dutchess and was a Whig of the Revolution.1

1. Gilbert Livingston
b:2 1742
d:2 1806

Gilbert was a member of the Provincial Congress in 1775-77, and of the Assembly, 1777, 1778, 1788, and served as a delegate to the New York Convention.

He married Catharine Crannel. Their son-in-law, Sarah Livingston's husband, was the Chief Justice of the New York Supreme Court, Secretary of the Navy, and associate justice of the US Supreme Court. 2

2. Reverend John Henry Livingston, D.D.
b:2 30 May 1746, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co NY
d:2 20 Jan 1825, New Brunswick NJ

John Henry, after some years of private tutoring, entered the freshman class of Yale College at the age of 12 years old. He attained a high standing in his class and was graduated with honor in July 1762, at the age of 16.

Applying himself to the study of the law, he undermined his health and took the opportunity to examine his life. He left the law for the ministry and went to Holland to continue his studies. Following his examination, he was invited to become the pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church in New York City.

Before his death, John Henry was president of Rutgers College and professor of theology.

John Henry married Sarah Livingston, the daughter of Philip Livingston, the signer of the Declaration of Independence and the son of Philip Livingston and Catharine Van Brugh, on 15 Jan 1716 at Albany NY. 2

3. Judge Henry Livingston Jr.
b: 13 Oct 1748, Poughkeepsie NY
d: 29 Feb 1828
4. Catharine Livingston
5. Joanna Livingston
b: 16 May 1754
d: 16 Jan 1795

Joanna married Paulus Schnck on 26 Jan 1776.2

6. Susan Livingston
b:2 1755

Susan married Gerardus Duykinck, son of Gerardus and Anna (Rapalje) Duyckinck.2

7. Cornelia Livingston
b:2 1758

Cornelia married Myndant Van Kleeck.2

8. Lt. Robert Henry Livingston
b:2 25 Oct 1760
d:2 31 Aug 1804

Robert Henry was a lieutenant in the Second Regiment Continental Artillery, and a county clerk of Dutch County, in 1789.

He married Catharine Tappan, daughter of Dr. Peter Vose Crannel Tappan.2

9. Beekman Livingston
b:2 11 Dec 1762

Beekman married Catharine Marsh.2

10. Helen Livingston
b:2 15 Oct 1767

Helen married Judge Jonas Platt (b:1769).2

11. Alida Livingston
b:2 1768
d:2 1843

Alida married Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey.2


Henry4, Henry3, Gilbert2, Robert1
Judge Henry Livingston Jr.
b: 13 Oct 1748, Poughkeepsie NY
d: 29 Feb 1828
m:1 1774
father:1 Henry Livingston
mother:1 Susanna Storm Conklin
Sarah Wells
b:2 1753
d:2 1783, Poughkeepsie NY
father:1 Reverend Benjamin or Noah Wells

Henry was a member of the colonial assembly, and a judge of the county of Ulster.1 He was a major in the Third New York Continental Regiment in 1775. 2

Sarah Wells is identified as the daughter of either the Reverend Benjamin Wells or the Reverend Noah Wells of Stamford CT. In the latter attribution, she is said to be "one of the most beautiful women in Connecticut."3

1. Henry W. Livingston

Helen married Judge Jonas Platt (b:1769).2

2. Catharine Livingston
b:2 18 Aug 1775, probably at Poughkeepsie NY
d:3 1808, probably at Utica NY
3. Cornelia Livingston


1 Livingston Genealogy, Reuben Hyde Walworth, pub. Friends of Clermont, Inc., Moran Printing Co, Rhinebeck NY, March 1982.
2Genealogical Histories of Livingston and Allied Families, ed Ruth Lawrence, National Americana Society, New York, 1932.
3Family Memorials, Edward Elbridge Salisbury, 1885.

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Henry4, Henry3, Gilbert2, Robert1
Henry3, Gilbert2, Robert1
Gilbert2, Robert1

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