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Henry5, William4, Henry3, Rev. Gerard Beekman2, Cornelius Beekman1
Henry5, William4, Henry3, Rev. Gerard Beekman2
Henry5, William4, Henry3
Henry5, William4

Henry5, William4, Henry3, Rev. Gerard Beekman2, Cornelius Beekman1
Cornelius Beekman
b:1 of Cologne Germany
Christiana Huygens
d:1 4 Dec 1606

Cornelius Beekman was a wealthy burgher of Cologne, who dwelt on the Rhine in Germany. He was of a family distinguished since the year 1200, both in Germany and the Netherlands, by titles and military honors conferred for courage and diplomatic ability.

1. Rev. Gerald Beekman
b: 17 May 1558, Cologne Germany
d: 31 Jan 1625, Emmerich Germany
2. Engelbert Beekman
d: 1654 Married Elizabeth de Beyer.


Henry5, William4, Henry3, Rev. Gerard Beekman2
Rev. Gerard Beekman
b:1 17 May 1558, Cologne Germany
d:1 31 January 1625, Emmerich Germany
father:1 Cornelius Beekman
mother:1 Christiana Huygens
Agnes Stunning
b:1 13 Jan 1557
d:1 10 Mar 1614

Rev. Gerald Beekman, son of Cornelius Beekman, was a distinguished theologian and his services in translating the Bible were rewarded by King James I. of England. He lived most of his life at Cologne on the Rhine. The Beekmans were steadfast Protestants from the time that Martin Luther in 1521 protested against the corruptions of the Church of Rome.

1. Henry Beekman
b: 14 Sep 1585, Cologne Germany
d: 2 Dec 1642, Wezel Germany
2. Harmon Beekman
d: 1654
3. Rev. John Beekman
b: 13 Sep 1635
4. Catharine Beekman
d: 1624
5. Margaretta Beekman
Married Rev. N.N. Cnoetz.


Henry5, William4, Henry3
Henry Beekman
b:1 14 Sep 1585, Cologne Germany
d:1 2 Dec 1642, Wezel Germany
m:1 24 Jan 1620/21, Zutphen, Guelderland
father:1 Rev. Gerard Beekman
mother:1 Agnes Stunning
Mary Baudertius
b:1 1600
d:1 17 Sep 1630, Berge

Hendrick Beekman, son of Gerard, was Secretary of the city of Hasselden, Overyssel, and in 1629 he was appointed by the States-General Superintendent of the Magazines in the cities of Hasselt and Wezel.

He was married three times. He married first, Gertryd (Gertrude) Gomensbach on April 15, 1613. She died Sept 10, 1619. They had four children.

He married his second wife, Mary Baudertius, at Zutphen, Guelderland, January 24, 1621. She was the daughter of the Rev. William Baudertius of the Reformed Church at Zutphen, born 1600, died Sep 17, 1630, at Berge. They had seven children.

His third wife was Alida Ottenbeek, born at Cologne, December 8, 1605, who had no children.

1. Mayor William Beekman
(Wilhelmus Hendrickse Beekman)
b: 28 Apr 1623, Statselt, prov Overysel, Holland
d: 1717, Schenectady NY
2. Rev. Gerard Beekman
b: 20 Feb 1622
d: 1678, of Grofhuyssen and Avenhoorn, North Holland
3. Martin Beekman
b: 25 Aug 1624, Hasselt Overyssel
4. John Beekman
b: 26 Nov 1625, Hasselt Overyssel
d: 15 January 1684
5. Andrew Beekman
d: 1663
6. Alida Beekman

Married Leonard Winnix.

6. Maria Beekman

Married W. Harris.


Henry5, William4
William Beekman
(Wilhelmus Hendrickse)
b:1 28 April 1623, Statselt, prov Overysel, Holland
d:1 1717, New York
m:1 5 Sep 1649, New York
father:1 Henry Beekman
mother:1 Mary Baudertius
Catherine De Bough
(Catalina de Boogh)
b:1 New York

William Beekman was the son of Henry Beekman of Wezel by his second wife, Mary Baudertius.

William came to New York in May 1647 with Governor Peter Stuyvesant, and became a large land holder in the city of New York. In 1658 he was appointed Governor of the Sweedish [sic] colony at Christina in Delaware. He subsequently resigned that office and returned to New York and was appointed Sheriff of Kingston; and was mayor of New York in 1680.

William and Catherine had three sons and four daughters.1

1. Colonel Henry Beekman
(Hendrick Beekman)
d: 1716, prob New York


Colonel Henry Beekman
(Hendrick Beekman)
d: 1716, prob New York
m:1 1680, prob New York
father:1 William Beekman
mother:1 Catherine De Bough
Joanna Lopers Davidson
(Joanna De Lopere)
b: Abt. 1656
father:2 Captain Jacob Lugt de Loper (of Stockholm)
mother:x Cornelis Melyn

Henry Beekman was a member of the colonial assembly, and a judge of the county of Ulster. He was the eldest son.1

The town of Beekman NY was named for him.

Rhinebeck was founded in 1686 as a result of a significant land transaction of 2,200 acres between four Dutchmen and six Indians of the Esopus (Kingston) and Sepasco (Rhinebeck )tribes. The Dutch settlers, Gerrit Artsen, Arie Roosa, Jan Elting and Henrick Kip, still have relatives residing in the area today. The Dutch settlers called their community Kipsbergen and it was not until 1713 that the name "Ryn Beck" appeared as a result of the area's Judge Henry Beekman's reference to his accumulating landholdings.

Joanna Lopers Davidson was the widow of Joris Davidson.2

1. Cornelia Beekman
b:2 18 Jun 1693, Kingston NY
d:2 24 Jun 1742


1 Livingston Genealogy, Reuben Hyde Walworth, pub. Friends of Clermont, Inc., Moran Printing Co, Rhinebeck NY, March 1982.
2Genealogical Histories of Livingston and Allied Families, ed Ruth Lawrence, National Americana Society, New York, 1932.

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Henry2, William1


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