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James1 Gilson
b:1 England
d:1 1712, South Attleboro, MA
Mary Unknown
d:1 Bef. 13 Nov 1712
1. James2 Jillson
B: 18 Dec 1684, Rehoboth MA
d:1 27 Oct 1703, Attleboro, Bristol, MA
2. Nathaniel Jillson
B: 24 Jan 1674, Rehoboth, MA
d:1 9 May 1751, Cumberland RI
3. Mary (Moray Gillson) Jillson
B: 27 Feb 1679, Rehoboth, MA


James2 Jillson
B: 18 Dec 1684, Rehoboth MA
d:1 4 July 1776, Attleboro, MA
father: James1 Jillson
mother: Mary Unknown
Mrs. Susannah Alverson
1. James Jilson3
B: 2 June 1716, Attleboro, MA
d:1 1796
2. Mary Jillson
B: 10 Aug 1709, Attleboro MA

Mary married1 (2 Oct 1729, Attleboro MA) Josiah Braman of Newton and Taunton MA.

3. Susannah Jillson
B: 5 March 1712, Attleboro MA
d:1 10 September 1713
4. Daniel Jillson
B: 13 May 1719, Attleboro MA
d:1 29 March 1798


James3 Jillson
B: 2 June 1716, Attleboro, MA
d:1 1796
father: James2 Jillson
mother: Mrs. Susannah Alverson
M: 17 February 1738/39, Attleboro, Bristol Co, MA
Mary Day
B: 28 December 1717, Attleboro, MA
d: 1796, Attleboro, MA
father: Benjamin Day
mother: Mary Robinson

James was a carpenter and a farmer, residing on the north part of his father's homestead which he received on 3 Jun 1741, the same date that his brother Daniel received his portion.

James and Mary were admitted to communion in the First Congregational church in Attleboro in April of 1742 and resided on their homestead, where all their children were born.1

1. Ales Jillson
B: 9 May 1741, Attleboro MA
2. Olive Jillson
B: 16 May 1742, Attleboro MA
3. Captain Amos Jillson
B: 27 April 1743, Attleboro MA
d:1 1792, Troy, NY

At the age of 17, Amos went to Norwich CT and learned the trade of stocking guns. He seems to have learned more than that, because he married Mrs. Mehetable Hunn of Norwich in 1764. After having three children with her, Amos declared his own independence by 1776 and took off back home to Attleboro MA. His wife supported herself and their children in her profession, tailoress.

Amos became active with the militia, apparently in Rhode Island, though it is not clear in which actions he was engaged.

By 1980 he had married for a second time (a discrete curtain will fall over this second marriage since his first wife lived to the age of 92). It is possible that they lived for several years in Providence RI before attempting to build a house in Attleboro. Unfortunately, the house burned before it was finished.

Taking off again, this time with family in tow, he went with his brother Amaziah to Troy NY where, in 1792, he accidentally drowned in the Hudson river. The whereabouts of his first wife at this time are not reported.1

4. Phillis Jillson
B: 1 January 1744/45, Attleboro MA

Phillis married Joseph Sprague of Smithfield RI in 1739 and moved with him to Cooperstown NY, where they resided through life. Three children grew to adulthood, though their opinions of baseball are not known.1

4. Thankful Jillson
B: 1 January 1744/45, Attleboro MA

Thankful, Phillis' twin, married Thomas, the son of Samuel and Rebecca (Chadwick) Healy of Attleboro, and was presumbably thankful to reside away from her inlaws in Pawtucket MA.1

5. Levi Jillson
B: 1 June 1747, Attleboro MA

Levi was the handy type. He was a carpenter, farmer and wheelwright, inheriting his father's estate in Attleboro. He also served for a time in the war of the Revolution, but was content enough to remain thereafter with his wife, Elizabeth Hunt of Smithfield RI, and their children, five of whom, out of six, survived to adulthood. Obviously Levi was handy at many things.1

6. Mary Jillson
B: 28 February 1748/49, Attleboro MA

While not a twin herself, Mary bore her husband, Jonathan Jencks Jr., twin girls, Mercy and Olive. The girls died two years apart at ages 40 and 42. Having done his duty, Jonathan gave up the ghost and Mary married for the second time Loammi, the son of David and Ruth (Whipple) Day. Mary's mother-in-law lived to be 81.1

7. Amaziah Jillson
B: 28 October 1750, Attleboro MA
8. James4 Jillson
B: 11 Oct 1752, Attleboro, MA
9. Elkanah Jillson
B: 29 Apr 1756, Attleboro MA


James4 Jillson
B: 11 October 1752, Attleboro, MA
d: 1805, Lysander, NY
m:1 1805, Lysander, NY
father: James3 Jillson
mother: Mary Day
Amy Whipple
b:1 27 Aug 1761, Smithfield, RI
d:1 13 Dec 1819, Lysander, NY
father: Nathaniel Whipple
mother: Sarah Arnold

James and Amy's two eldest children were born in Attleboro MA or Cumberland RI. Joseph was born in Adams MA and all the others in Troy NY. James and his family moved from Troy to Lysander, Onondaga Co, NY in 1805, but that year he contracted a fever and died.1

1. Olivia Jillson
b: 20 September 1779, Attleboro, MA
d: 20 January 1861, Buffalo, NY

Olivia Jillson married Watts Sherman. Their daughter, Sarah Sherman, married a young man who worked for her father, Henry B. Gibson, and together they raised a very successful family in Canandaigua NY.5

2. R.D. (Gillson) Jillson
3. Lydia Jillson

Lydia married a Methodist minister, Rev. Reuben Haight, of Troy NY and lived in Cazenovia NY. They had 11 children, of whom 6 lived and married.1

4. Joseph Jillson

Joseph was a carpenter. In 1806, he married first Lydia Montague of Caznovia NY (d:1821), and after her death, Lydia M. Gray of Massachusetts (4 Jul 1827). He married for the third time Elizabeth S. Austin of Camillus, Onondaga County NY.

With all three wives, Joseph had 15 children, one of whom was killed by lightning and one left home at the age of 20 and was never heard from again.1

5. Oliver W. Jillson

Oliver was more restrained than his brother Joseph and settled for two wives (Hutchinson and Sally Sackett). Oliver limited himself to 8 children, one of whom also left home for Missouri and was not heard from since. Do we see a pattern here?1

6. Maria Jillson

Mariah married Abel Hackley and had 6 children, 3 of whom lived to adulthood.1

7. James Jillson
8. Nathaniel Jillson
9. Samuel Haight Jillson

Samuel was a hatter, presumably not the mad one. He sensibly married Eliza Jewell, who tried to be the first baby of the nineteenth century but was 8 days late, arriving 8 Jan 1800. Samuel kept a public house for the last 20 years of his life while his wife kept having their 11 children.1

10. Esther Jillson

Esther proved to be the feminist of the family, marrying first George Graham, a merchant of New York City, and then the Captain of the steamboat DeWitt Clinton, John C. Dudley.

George looked to be married to his work since they had only three children, one of whom lived to adulthood. As for John, he seems to have run out of steam. They had no children.1

11. Benjamin Jillson

Benjamin was a shoemaker who was married to Lydia Kelly for 40 years. Out of four children, two grew to adulthood. Even if he wasn't as prolific as his brother Joseph, at least he knew where his children were.1


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