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Deaths in Attleboro, MA
Vital Records of Attleborough, MA to the End of 1849

JILLSON (Gillson, Jilson, Jelson)

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Jillson, Betsey
1849..wife of William Jillson
Jillson, Betsey
9 Apr 180531 yrs.wife of William Jillson
Jilson, Daniel29 Mar 179879 yrs..
Jillson, Daniel26 May 182677 yrs..
Jillson, David28 Nov 182435 yrs..
Jillson, Elizabethe20 Mar 184969y11m19dold agewidow,
dau. of Samuel and Rebecca
Jillson, Lavina M.23 May 184221 yrs.wife of Arnold
Jillson, Levi7 Jan 1822...
Jillson, Lucinda19 Aug 1790..dau. of Daniel, Jr. and
Mehetable (Cooper)
Jillson, Mehetable27 May 182485 yrs.widow of Daniel
Jillson, Mary18 Sep 182541 yrs.wife of Abel
Jillson, Rebekah9 Dec 182130 yrs.wife of David
Jillson, Samuel14 Jun 183460 yrs..
Jelson, Susan[n]ah10 Sep 1713..dau. of James
and Susan[n]ah
Jilson, William12 Sep 184470y25d.suicide
Jillson, William1844...

Attleboro, MA

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