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Anthony Day
b:3 1616, England
D: 23 April 1707, Gloucester MA at age 91
m:3 1649, Gloucester MA
Susanna Ring
b:3 1623, England
D: 10 December 1717, Gloucester MA at age 94

There seems to be some conflict about the surname of Anthony Day's wife. Another name given is Susanna Matchet.

1. Thomas Day
b:3 1649, Gloucester MA
D: 29 January 1725/26, Gloucester MA

Thomas Day married Mary Langton, Dec. 30, 1673. She and her daughter Mary were killed by lightning, in the entry of their dwelling-house, July 15, 1706. He died Jan. 29, 1726, aged seventy- five. Two sons are recorded to him,-- Thomas, born in 1675; and Joseph, in 1689. The former was lost on a fishing voyage, at the Isle of Sables, August, 1716, aged forty-one.

2. Timothy Day
b:3 1653, Gloucester MA
d:3 8 April 1725, Gloucester MA

Timothy Day married Phebe Wildes July 24, 1679; who died April 8, 1723, aged seventy. He had his residence on the westerly side of Squam River, where some of his sons also settled. His children were -- Timothy, Anthony, John, Joseph, Jonathan, Ebenezer, and Susanna, besides others who died in infancy. John is supposed to have died about 1747, and to have left a son John, who settled in Norwich, Conn.

3. John Day
b:3 23 April 1657, Gloucester MA
D: 8 March 1736/37, Gloucester MA

John had a house near Poles. He married Abigail Lead, Dec. 12, 1681; who died Feb. 9, 1726, aged sixty-three.

4. Ezekial Day
b:3 12 March 1659/60, Gloucester MA
d:3 12 July 1660, Gloucester MA
5. Ezekial Day
b:3 19 May 1662, Gloucester MA
D: 18 February 1724/25, Gloucester MA

Ezekiel received a grant of land to set a house upon, between Lobster Cove and Hogskin Cove, in 1694; and was one of the first settlers in that section of the town. He married Mary Rowe, Jan. 27, 1690; and died Feb. 18, 1725, leaving several children. One of these (Ezekiel) died about 1737; at which date three other sons (Pelatiah, Samuel, and Nathaniel) were still living. He also had a son Jonathan, who married Sarah Ingersol in 1730, and died before the birth of his second son David. The latter was a soldier in the French wars and in the Revolutionary War; and died May 1, 1816, aged eighty-four.

6. Nathaniel Day
B: 9 September 1665, Gloucester MA
D: 25 February 1734/35, Attleboro MA
7. Elezabath Day
B: 2 February 1667/68, Gloucester MA
d:3 6 October 1728, Gloucester MA
8. Samuell Day
B: 25: 12m: 1669, Gloucester MA
D: 11 November 1749, Attleboro MA

Samuel Day married Rachel Rowe, Aug. 9, 1692. Rachel, Ruth and Mary Rowe were sisters, daughters of Hugh Rowe. Rachel gave birth to two children, and died Sept. 6, 1698; after which, nothing is known of the husband.

9. Joseph Day
B: 4 April 1672, Gloucester MA
D: 14 June 1742, Attleboro MA

Joseph Day married Elizabeth Gouge, Aug. 15, 1695. He had sons Jeremiah and William, and perhaps a Joseph, and several daughters.

10. Aaron Day
b:3 unknown


Nathaniel Day
B: 9 September 1665, Gloucester MA
D: 25 February 1734/35, Attleboro MA
father: Anthony Day
mother: Susanna Ring
M: 13 February 1689/90, Gloucester MA
Ruth Roe
B: 26 June 1671, Gloucester MA
D: 10 May 1736, Attleboro MA
father: Hugh Roe
mother: Rachel Langton

Nathaniel Day's will, naming David Day Executor, was written 14 April 1733 and proved 8 April 1735.

1. Benjamin Day
B: 19 September 1691, Gloucester, MA
d:3 6 August 1776, Killingly CT
2. Ruth Day
b:3 1694, Gloucester, MA

Ruth Day married3 Ephraim Ingraham April 26, 1727 in Attleborough, MA.

3. Nathaniel Day II
B: 30 March 1696, Gloucester, MA
D: 16 December 1699, Gloucester MA
4. Rachel Day
B: 7 July 1698, Gloucester, MA
D: 19 Sep 1723, Attleboro MA
5. Nathaniel Day
B: 10 September 1700, Gloucester MA

Nathaniel Day married3 Ruth Fillmore December 4, 1732 in Attleborough, MA.

6. David Day
B: 29 January 1702/03, Gloucester, MA
7. Meriam Day
B: 20 April 1705, Gloucester, MA
D 19 December 1707, Gloucester MA
8. Mary Day
B: 10 May 1707, Gloucester MA

Mary Day married3 Benjamin Hobben April 22, 1731 in Attleborough, MA.

9. Rachel Day
Bap: 23 May 1708, Gloucester MA
10. David Day
Bap: 23 May 1708, Gloucester MA
D: 19 January 1768, Attleboro MA

David married3 Ruth Whipple November 9, 1727 in Renoboth, MA. Ruth,the daughter of Israel Whipple and Mary Wilmarth, was born June 8, 1711 in Attleborough, MA; died 1789 in Attleborough, MA.

11. Meriam Day
B: 1 October 1709, Gloucester MA

Meriam married3 Ruth Whipple November 9, 1727 in Renoboth, MA. John Streeter October 31, 1733 in Attleborough, MA.

12. Deborah Day
B: 31 March 1712, Gloucester MA

Deborah married3 Ebenezer Godfree September 16, 1736 in Attleborough, MA.

13. Dorcas Day
B: 2 February 1714/15, Gloucester, MA
d:3 22 March 1759, Norwich CT

Dorcas married3 married John Fillmore June 26, 1735 in Attleborough MA.


Benjamin Day
B: 19 September 1691, Gloucester MA
d:3 6 August 1776, Killingly CT
father: Nathaniel Day
mother: Ruth Roe
M: 16 December 1714, Attleboro, Bristol Co, MA
Mary Robinson
B: 26 February 1687-8, Rehoboth MA
d:3 26 June 1780
father: George Robinson Jr.
mother: Elizabeth Guild

Benjamin came to Attleboro in 1709 and in 1769 went to Killingly CT.

George Robinson Jr. and Joanna Ingraham are my 10th great grandparents as the parents of Mary Robinson. But as the parents of GEORGE JR., they're my 9th great grandparents!

1. Mary Day
B: 28 December 1717, Attleboro MA
d:4 1796, Attleboro MA
2. Bridgett Day
B: 28 March 1722, Attleboro MA
D: 22 Aug 1740

Bridget's birth year calculated from death date and age.

3. Jonathan Day
B: 13 April 1720, Attleboro MA
d:4 15 December 1807

Jonathan married7 Bethiah Everett on 8 Apr 1743 in Attleborough MA. Bethia was born 7 Oct 1722 in Dedham MA and died after 2 Feb 1766. They had 8 children.

4. Martha Day
b:4 23 Oct 1732, Attleboro MA
d:4 22 Nov 1805, Attleboro MA

Martha Day's birth record in Attleboro vital statistics is missing the specific year.

Martha married4 Thomas Tingley (17 Aug 1732, Attleboro, MA. - 9 Jan 1809, Attleboro, MA) on 28 Nov 1754. Thomas died in his 77th year, the Captain of the ship Pallas owned by John Wilcock.

5. Rachel Day
b:4 29 September 1725

Rachel Day's birth record in Attleboro vital statistics is missing the specific year.

Rachel married 6 Nicholas Ide 13 October 1743. Nicholas was born about 1725.

6. Benjamin Day
b:4 1726, Attleboro MA
d:4 26 Feb 1816, Wrentham MA

Benjamin married 6 Sarah Robbins in Attleboro MA about 1746. Sarah was born about 1726.

7. Leah Day
B: 17 September 1727, Attleboro MA

Leah married 6 John Fillmore 12 November 1747. John was born about 1725.

8. Margaret Day
B: 23 April 1730
d:4 25 February 1814, Thomastown, ME

Margaret married 6 Samuel Healey 22 February 1749. Samuel was born about 1730.

9. Hannah Day
B: 9 May 1741, Attleboro MA
d:4 Cooperstown, NY


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