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Davis Family Deaths in Haverhill, MA

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Abigail (George)29 Jan 1678w. Samuel Jr.
Abigail24 Jul 1797d. James and Abigail (White)
Abigail26 Feb 1844wid. James, 87 yrs, G.R.2
Amos25 Apr 1686s. Samuel and Deborah (Barnes)
Amos22 Jan 181081 yrs, G.R. 5
Benjamin10 Dec 1713s. Ephraim and Hannah (Eastman)
Betsy (Mooer)14 Jun 1829w. Charles
Caroline M.Apr 1689d. John and Susan O. (Balch)
Christian7 Apr 1668w. Tho[mas]
DanielApr 1689s. James Jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton)
at Pemaquid
Deborah25 Sep 1669d. Samuell and Deborah (Barnes)
Deborah14 Jan 1718-9wid. Sam[ue]ll
Edward Orestes4 Sep 1842s. John and Susan O. (Balch)
Elisabeth19 Sep 1736d. Samuel and Katherine (Hastings)
Elisabeth17 Jul 1746d. Daniel and Esther (Barney)
Elisha8 Dec 1721s. James and Sarah (Bayley)
Elisha18 Jan 1738-9h. Grace (Shaw)
Elizabeth21 Jan 1683w. James
Elizabeth31 Jul 1710d. Ebenezer and Patience (Hutchison)
Elizabeth29 Jul 1727d. John and Hannah (Heath)
Elizabeth7 Jan 1736-7d. John and Hannah (Heath)
Ephraim29 Mar 1662s. Ephraim and Mary (Johnson)
Ephraim28 Sep 1679h. Mary
Eveline19 Oct 1838d. John and Polly, 19yr, G.R.8
Ezra20 Dec 1702s. James and Sarah
Hannah5 Jul 1650s. James Jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton)
Hannah (Eastman)13 Aug 1748w. Ephraim
Hannah)25 Dec 1752d. Amos and Hannah, P.R.32
Hannah28 Jul 1799w. Amos, in 77th yr, G.R.5
Hannah5 Aug 1846wid. Amos, 80yr,11m,12d, G.R.5, b. Chester NH, d. Phillip and Ruth Griffin, dysentery
Hannah (Buck)6 Aug 1836w. William
Hannah (Johnson)17 Mar 1841w. Joshua
Harriet Parker21 Aug 1839d. John and Susan O. (Balch)
James29 Jan 1678in 96th yr
James18 Jul 1694.
James5 Apr 1708h. Sarah
James2 May 1791s. James and Abigail (White)
James Jr.15 May 181719 yrs, G.R.2
James15 Sep 1825h. Abigail (White), 74 yr, G.R.2
Johanah27 Sep 1673d. Ephraim and Mary (Johnson)
John1690s. James Jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton), killed in Canada
John22 Apr 1735s. John and Hannah (Heath)
John14 Feb 1736-7s. John and Hannah (Heath)
John14 Jul 1781h. Sarah (Barney)
John4 May 18471st, 53 yr, G.R.1
Jonathan7 Dec 1690s. Ephraim and Mary (Johnson), small pox
Jonathan20 Oct 1845s. Jona[tha]n and Martha [Polly], G.R.8, 17yr, brain fever
Joseph15 Sep 1671s. Tho[mas]
Josuah10 Dec 1824s. Joshua and Hannah (Johnson)
Katherine (Hastings)3 Aug 1734w. Samuel
Margaret13 Jul 1797d. James and Abigail (White)
Mary14 Feb 1701-2d. William and Mary (Calee)
Mary6 Jan 1709-10d. William and Mary (Calee)
Mary19 Dec 1718d. William and Mary (Calee)
Mary2 Jan 1737-8d. John and Hannah (Heath)
Mary (Calee)5 Dec 1747w. William
Mary T.23 Oct 1836d. Joshua and Hannah (Johnson)
Mehitable12 Feb 1841d. Joshua and Hannah (Johnson)
Melency Ann6 Dec 1845d. Elbridge G. and Eliz[abe]th B., consumption, 1yr,7m,2d
Nancy15 Apr 1834w. Joshua
Rebekah13 Aug 1824w. James Jr., 32y, G.R.5
Richard12 Jun 1721s. James and Sarah (Bayley)
Sadah28 Jun 1753s. Amos and Hannah, P.R.32
Samuel10 May 1707s. Samuel and Katherine (Hastings)
Samuel1 Jan 1737-8s. John and Hannah (Heath)
Sam[ue]l10 Sep 1696h. Deborah (Barnes)
Sissilla28 May 1673w. James
Thomas27 Jul 1683.
William27 Jun 1720s. William and Mary (Calee)
William11 Sep 1753h. Mary (Calee)
William9 Apr 1827h. Hannah (Buck)
.Jul 1694James Jr. and Sarah
.17 Mar 1823Joshua and Hannah (Johnson)
.14 Oct 1831d. Moses and Betsey, 2d, G.R.4

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