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Davis Family Births in Haverhill, MA
Vital Records of Haverhill, MA to the End of 1849

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Lucy D.1 Jul 1816P.R.40.
.18 Oct 1849.Alfred H., b Chester NH, shoemaker and Abby M.
Hannah28 Oct 1752P.R.32Amos and Hannah
Sadah3 Jan 1750P.R.32Amos and Hannah
Judith2 Jan 1749-50.Amos and Hannah (Dow)
HannahApr 180123
Amos and Hannah (Griffin)
James20 Jan 1798Feb 7
Amos and Hannah (Griffin)
HannahApr 1801.Amos and Sarah (Hunkins)
Benjaminbap:21 Aug 1748C.R.2Benja[min]
Mary Frances8 Sep 1833.Charles and Lucy B. (Hayes)
Marybap: 8 Apr 1739C.R.1Daniel
Abigailbet.1731-6.Daniel and Esther (Barney)
Constance12 Nov 1731.Daniel and Esther (Barney)
Daniel9 Sep 1736.Daniel and Esther (Barney)
Elisabeth20 Jan 1743-4.Daniel and Esther (Barney)
Elizabeth22 Jul 1710.Ebenezer and Patience (Hutchison)
Mary19 Aug 1711.Ebenezer and Patience (Hutchison)
Samuel31 Oct 1713.Ebenezer and Patience (Hutchison)
Josephine S.4 Sep 1849.Elbridge G. (b:Goffstown NH), shoemaker, and Eliz[abe]th B (b: Amesbury)
Melina Ann29 Mar 1845.Elbridge G., cordwainer, and Eliz[abeth] B
Gardnerbap:1 Apr 1792C.R.1Elijah
Abigall11 Mar 1702-3.Elisha and Grace (Shaw)
Daniel2 Dec 1697.Elisha and Grace (Shaw)
Elizabeth29 Feb 1699-1700.Elisha and Grace (Shaw)
Esther31 Oct 1706.Elisha and Grace (Shaw)
James24 June 1695.Elisha and Grace (Shaw)
John13 Mar 1708-9.Elisha and Grace (Shaw)
Susannahaft 1709.Elisha and Grace (Shaw)
Amos15 Jun 1683.Ephraim and Hannah (Eastman)
Benjamin10 Sep 1713.Ephraim and Hannah (Eastman)
Benjamin12 Apr 1718.Ephraim and Hannah (Eastman)
Elizabeth13 Mar 1723-4.Ephraim and Hannah (Eastman)
Ephraim7 Oct 1710.Ephraim and Hannah (Eastman)
Hannah13 Jul 1715.Ephraim and Hannah (Eastman)
John29 Sep 1720.Ephraim and Hannah (Eastman)
Sarah26 Jan 1706-7.Ephraim and Hannah (Eastman)
Ephraimbef 29 Mar 1662.Ephraim and Mary (Johnson)
Hannah15 Feb 1676.Ephraim and Mary (Johnson)
Jonathan8 May 1671.Ephraim and Mary (Johnson)
Mary1 Mar 1666-7.Ephraim and Mary (Johnson)
Stephen15 Jul 1663.Ephraim and Mary (Johnson)
Susanna28 Dec 1674.Ephraim and Mary (Johnson)
Thomas2 Mar 1668-9.Ephraim and Mary (Johnson)
Ezekielbap:10 Sep 1758C.R.4Ezekiel and Sarah
George A.S.1845-50.George, butcher, and Mary Ann
George Stewart14 Apr 1842.George W. and Mary Ann (Merrick) at Amesbury
Joseph Atkinson1844-5.George, butcher, and Mary Ann
Mary A.B.7 Sep 1843.George W. and Mary Ann (Merrick)
.29: 6m: 1698.Hannah
Abigailbap:23 May 1708.James and Abigail (White)
James1 May 1791.James and Abigail (White)
James6 June 1798.James and Abigail (White)
Margaret28 Apr 1796.James and Abigail (White)
Mary9 Jun 1794.James and Abigail (White)
Priscilla20 Jan 1790.James and Abigail (White)
Daniel30 Aug 1835P.R.32James and Lydia
James27 Nov 1831P.R.32
1830 P.R.12
James and Lydia
John5 Dec 1837P.R.32James and Lydia
Lydia Maria14 Nov 1841P.R.32James and Lydia
Rebecca Ingersoll15 Jan 1828P.R.32James and Lydia
Hester8 Oct 1651Oct 18
James Jr.
Ann13 Feb 1655-6.James Jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton)
Constant9 Mar 1673-4.James Jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton)
Ehster8 Oct 1651.James Jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton)
Elisha30 Aug 1670.James Jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton)
Hannah19 Jun 1650
10: 4m:
CT.R.James Jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton)
James3 Oct 1660.James Jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton)
John30 Jun 1664.James Jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton)
Sarah5 Aug 1658.James Jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton)
Elisha13 Oct 1718.James and Sarah (Bayley)
Enoch20 May 1700.James Jr. and Sarah
Ezra21 Aug 1695.James Jr. and Sarah
Mehetable17 Dec 1701.James Jr. and Sarah
Richard1 Sep 1721.James and Sarah (Bayley)
Ruth14 Aug 1720.James and Sarah (Bayley)
Sarah18 Mar 1722.James and Sarah (Bayley)
.Jul 1694.James Jr. and Sarah
Elizabeth7 Apr 1726.John and Hannah (Heath)
Elizabeth16 Jun 1730.John and Hannah (Heath)
Ephraim20 Feb 1723-4.John and Hannah (Heath)
Hannah13 Oct 1718.John and Hannah (Heath)
John24 Feb 1716-7.John and Hannah (Heath)
John7 Feb 1736-7.John and Hannah (Heath)
Josiah5 Feb 1721-2.John and Hannah (Heath)
Lamuel22 Dec 1728.John and Hannah (Heath)
Mary31 Jul 1732.John and Hannah (Heath)
Obediah14 Jul 1720.John and Hannah (Heath)
Samuel19 Jan 1734-5.John and Hannah (Heath)
Samuel12 Mar 1739-40.John and Hannah (Heath)
John22 Aug 1651.John and Jane (Peasley)
Mary6 Nov 1647.John and Jane (Peasley)
Sarah7 Mar 1648-9.John and Jane (Peasley)
Hannah5 Apr 1749.John Jr. and Priscilla (Clark)
James16 June 1751.John Jr. and Priscilla (Clark)
Ann31 Aug 1738.John Jr. and Sarah (Barney)
Barney18 Aug 1733.John Jr. and Sarah (Barney)
James9 Feb 1746-7.John Jr. and Sarah (Barney)
John4 Jan 1734-5.John Jr. and Sarah (Barney)
Joseph7 May 1750.John Jr. and Sarah (Barney)
at Rehoboth
Mary3 Apr 1742.John Jr. and Sarah (Barney)
Sarah28 Aug 1744.John Jr. and Sarah (Barney)
Caroline M.12 Jun 1837.John and Susan O. (Balch)
Edward Oretes13 Apr 1841.John and Susan O. (Balch)
Emma Louisa7 Sep 1845.John, 2nd, harness maker, and Susan O. (Balch)
Gustavus Ludwig6 Jan 1834.John and Susan O. (Balch)
Harriet Anna15 Apr 1842.John and Susan O. (Balch)
Harriet Parker24 Sep 1838.John and Susan O. (Balch)
John Francis9 Dec 1832.John and Susan O. (Balch)
Susan Boardman15 Sep 1831.John and Susan O. (Balch)
Susan Ellen8 Nov 1835.John and Susan O. (Balch)
Mercy27 Feb 1711-2.Jonathan and Margarett (Wood)
Ann4 Apr 1834.Joshua and Hannah (Johnson)
Elizabeth Jane28 Jan 1832.Joshua and Hannah (Johnson)
Henry William24 Oct 1829.Joshua and Hannah (Johnson)
Joshua twin17 Jul 1824.Joshua and Hannah (Johnson)
Lois Ann twin17 Jul 1824.Joshua and Hannah (Johnson)
Mary Tappan18 Aug 1836.Joshua and Hannah (Johnson)
Mehitablebet 1836-41.Joshua and Hannah (Johnson)
.16 Mar 1823.Joshua and Hannah (Johnson)
James Johnsonbap:19 Aug 1748C.R.2Josiah
Abigail13 Oct 1748.Moses and Hephzibah (Richeson)
Daniel28 Apr 1757.Moses and Hephzibah (Richeson)
Easter25 Jan 1751.Moses and Hephzibah (Richeson)
Elisabeth28 Oct 1746.Moses and Hephzibah (Richeson)
Hannah10 Feb 1744-5.Moses and Hephzibah (Richeson)
James27 Dec 1742.Moses and Hephzibah (Richeson)
John13 Jul 1759.Moses and Hephzibah (Richeson)
Mary28 Apr 1753.Moses and Hephzibah (Richeson)
Moses28 Apr 1753.Moses and Hephzibah (Richeson)
Sarah10 Jun 1761.Moses and Hephzibah (Richeson)
Susanna11 Apr 1755.Moses and Hephzibah (Richeson)
Moses4 Jan 1682.Moses and Ruhamah (Dow)
Mary2 Nov 1684.Moses and Ruhamah (Dow)
Elisabeth4 Apr 1752.Nathanael and Martha (Heath)
Hannah9 Sep 1754.Nathanael and Martha (Heath)
Mary16 May 1750.Nathanael and Martha (Heath)
Obediahbap: 19 Aug 1748C.R.2Obediah
Andrew Murray8 Jul 1840.Phineas E. and Caroline H. (Chirhill)
Charles Carrol4 Sep 1842.Phineas E. and Caroline H. (Chirhill)
Benjamin25 Mar 1738.Robert and Deborah (Robenson)
David5 Apr 1736.Robert and Deborah (Robenson)
Deborah28 Jul 1739.Robert and Deborah (Robenson)
Judith17 Jun 1732.Robert and Deborah (Robenson)
Mary20 Jun 1728.Robert and Deborah (Robenson)
Nathaniel17 Apr 1727.Robert and Deborah (Robenson)
Robert9 Jan 1733-4.Robert and Deborah (Robenson)
Samuel17 Apr 1730.Robert and Deborah (Robenson)
Amos15 Jun 1683.Samuell and Deborah (Barnes)
Deborahbet.1663-73.Samuell and Deborah (Barnes)
Ephraim twin8 Nov 1679.Samuell and Deborah (Barnes)
Joseph3 May 1673.Samuell and Deborah (Barnes)
Mary16 May 1685.Samuell and Deborah (Barnes)
Samuelbet 1663-73.Samuell and Deborah (Barnes)
Sarah twin8 Nov 1679.Samuell and Deborah (Barnes)
William20 Feb 1674.Samuell and Deborah (Barnes)
Elisabeth17 Jul 1715.Samuel and Katherine (Hastings)
Katherine21 Jul 1705.Samuel and Katherine (Hastings)
Rebeccah15 Jul 1712.Samuel and Katherine (Hastings)
Robert6 Apr 1703.Samuel and Katherine (Hastings)
Samuel26 Dec 1700.Samuel and Katherine (Hastings)
Samuel4 Jun 1718.Samuel and Katherine (Hastings)
Abigail24 May 1792C.R.4Samuel and Mary
Anna12 Oct 1744.Samuel Jr. and Abigail (George)
Benjamin19 Feb 1748-9.Samuel Jr. and Abigail (George)
Elisabeth3 Feb 1746-7.Samuel Jr. and Abigail (George)
Susanna7 Apr 1751.Samuel Jr. and Abigail (George)
Sarah11 Aug 1682C.T.RSarah
Dinah24 Mar 1706-7.Stephen and Mary (Tucker)
Ebenezer3 Nov 1689.Stephen and Mary (Tucker)
Elleanor13 Apr 1694.Stephen and Mary (Tucker)
Gideon2 Jun 1704.Stephen and Mary (Tucker)
Jabez24 Feb 1701-2.Stephen and Mary (Tucker)
Jemina30 Oct 1697.Stephen and Mary (Tucker)
Jonathan16 Dec 1691.Stephen and Mary (Tucker)
Judith23 Jul 1687.Stephen and Mary (Tucker)
Phoebe16 Jan 1699-1700.Stephen and Mary (Tucker)
Presilla15 Sep 1711.Stephen and Mary (Tucker)
Josephbap:8 Mar 1695-6C.R.1Steph[e]n Dow sr grands.
Joseph25 Jun 1701.Thomas and Mary (Shephard)
Mary15 Jul 1704.Thomas and Mary (Shephard)
Abigall20 Jun 1708.William and Mary (Calee)
Deborah30 Nov 1705.William and Mary (Calee)
Judith12 Mar 1721-2.William and Mary (Calee)
Mary29 Nov 1701.William and Mary (Calee)
Mary28 Mar 1703.William and Mary (Calee)
Mary10 Apr 1711.William and Mary (Calee)
Sarah4 Jun 1714.William and Mary (Calee)
William28 Nov 1719.William and Mary (Calee)
Amos14 Mar 1794.William and Hannah (Buck)
Charles29 Sep 1791.William and Hannah (Buck)
Ebenezer22 Mar 1786.William and Hannah (Buck)
Ebenezer22 Mar 1786.William and Hannah (Buck)
Lydia31 Jan 1785.William and Hannah (Buck)
Lydia15 Jan 1788.William and Hannah (Buck)
Mary15 Nov 1782.William and Hannah (Buck)
Mary2 Feb 1798.William and Hannah (Buck)
Sarah17 Mar 1781.William and Hannah (Buck)
John7 Aug 1792P.R.32William and Lydia

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