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Hobart Republican, 25 Sep 1913

The Oklahoma Ranch Wild West show is coming to Hobart. The date has been definitely fixed Thursday, September 25, and one of the most picturesquely interesting exhibits of its kind ever seen in this city may belooked for with confidence. The Oklahoma Wild West Show, it is announced, has all the best features of the most famous among the old-time exhibitions, together with many novel ties that give it a character distinctively its own. It illustrates the old life on the plains with a wealth of detail and with what is declared to be absolute fidelity to historic truth; its Indians are real Indians, and they have been selected from the great Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapahoe and other tribes that have figured so thrillingly in the frontier history of the United States. Its old scouts have actually lived the lives which they reproduce in the arena. The stage coach drivers are among the last of that recklessly daring race of men who crossed the plains and mountains, with the reins in one hand and a six-shooter in the other; the cowboys are the real chap-wearing, short-vamp, high-heeled ropers of the cattle ranges; the cow-girls are to the manner born; the Mexicans have been recruited from the great Spanish ranches in central Mexico or from the bull rings of the oldest of rebellion-swept of Old Mexico; and event the troupe of Cossacks under Prince Lucca, who contrast the riding of the Russian Steppes with that of the American cattle ranch, are declared to be among the most daring of their race.

Among the border dramas to be given in the great arena when the big show exhibits here, will be a thrilling battle between Indians led by the great Sioux Chief, Mighty Thunder, and a company of scouts, frontiersmen and cowboys, under the direction of Col. Zack Mulhall, the famous ranchman and sure-shot of Oklahoma. There will be a picturesque attack upon the old stage coach by Mexican bandits; Indians will illustrate the old-time methods of surrounding and destroying an overland caravan, and there will be other dramatic pictures of former strenuous days on the plains of the Great West. Cowboys, cowgirls and other clever people, to the manner born, will present the sports and pastimes of the modern ranch. Marvelous riding and roping feats will be given by Lucille and Georgia Mulhall. An especially thrilling feature that will undoubtedly create a sensation here, will be an exciting Auto Polo game. This great contest will be seen at every performance.

WIld West Day will be inaugurated with a new and novel street parade, in which the resources of the Oklahoma Wild West show will be generously exploited upon the streets.

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