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Jean Butridge
1928, Bowen High School

She has always been pleasant and faithful in her willingness to cooperate. She is ambitious and sincere in her eagerness to learn. Her continual interest makes her teacher feel it is worth while," said one of Jean's teachers when asked her opinion of Jean Butridge. What higher compliment could be paid a pupil? How many Bowenites could have this said about them?

Jean came to Bowen from Bradwell in September '25. As literary editor of the Arrow last semester, many stories and supplements were enjoyed by Arrow readers that were written and sponsored by Jean. She is now assisting on the literary staff of the June 1928 Bowenite. She was the secretary-treasurer of the Psycho club. She was a charter member of the Book club. She has figured prominently in interschool tournaments of the checker team.

Much can be said of Jean's scholarship. She has belonged to the Honor Club, is finishing her course in three years with an average of 95, is second highest in the class, and is recommended for a scholarship to the University of Chicago. Last semester she carried six solids and received five S's and one E. She has been chosen to the Tau Pi Alpha. Many students have greatly benefited by Jean's teaching. She has taken care of the tutoring of 1B Spanish, English, and Latin. If every student of the Bowen high school would take the attitude that Jean has taken there would be a great many more famous and great men and women in this world.

The Bowen Arrow, the student newspaper of Bowen High School, Chicago, Illinois

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