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Horse Show Will Exceed in Every Respect
Any Ever Held in the West

The Des Moines Leader, 5 Oct 1903

The Seni-Om-Sed management continues to book new attractions for the carnival. Letters from outside relative to the carnival indicate that the attendance will surpass anything of the kind previously attempted.

Over 600 entries have been received for the horse show, which will be the finest ever given in this country with the exception of the horse show at Madison Square Garden, New York. The entries include many of the horses which have been exhibited at Madison Square Garden, Chicago and Kansas City. Representatives of the Kansas City horse show are in the city assisting the local managment in its preparations for the coming showk and say that the Des Moines show will excel theirs in that the entries are much larger and the horses entered are of a higher class. Boxes have been prepared for spectators and are now on sale at the Hurlbut Drug company. The park has been wired and will be resplendent with multitudes of electric lights. The grand stand will be decorated with flags and the colors of the horse show - cardinal and old gold.

Among the new attractions booked for the carnival are an Indian village and a car load of outlawed horses. The Indians have been secured from the Sac and Fox reservations and will give their native dances and participate in the daily parades. Some of these Indians are said to be among the wildest in the country. The group will include a number of chiefs.

A telegram was received last night from Zach Mulhall, who has charge of the cowboy band and the steer roping contest, that he had secured a car load of outlawed horses an would bring them to Des Moines for the roping contest. These horses will be shipped from Dakota. An outlawed horse is one which is not servicable for a cowboy. All horses which cannot be ridden or worked are turned loose on the prairies, as they are ungovernable and useless. A car load of these have been secured and Mr. Mulhall will have his band of southern cowboys experiment with them. Mr. Mulhall says that his cowboys will subdue the whole lot. Anyone who desires to lasso and attempt to ride one of the horses will be given an opportunity to exhibit his prowess.

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