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SEPTEMBER 8, 9, 10
Dates for Interstate and Territorial Exposition

Coffeyville Daily Journal, 10 Jul 1905


Zach Mulhall, Frisco's Live Stock Commissioner and Five Children Will Be Here

Arrangements have been perfected for the Interstate and Territorial Exposition which is to be held in Coffeyville on September 8, 9, and 10, at which time Zach Mulhall, Live Stock Commission Agent for the Frisco system, with his four daughters and famous cow boy band, and a car load of horses from Mulhall, Okla., will be here to give an exhibition in broncho busting, roping contests and horse racing. Miss Lucille Mulhall, the champion roper of the world will give an exhibition each day. Charles Mulhall, the chempion broncho buster, will also take part. The main feature of the celebration will be the part that several hundred Indians representing seven different tribes, will take part in the exposition. The Delaware and Osage Indians will be here to give their annual smoke dance, the last dance to be given before tribal relations cease. The Kaws will give an Indian baseball game. There will be band concerts every evening by the famous Cow Boys' and other bands that will be secured for the occasion.

A committee of the association has just returned from St. Louis, where they were in conference with railroad officials of the Missouri Pacific, Iron Mountain, Missouri, Kansas and Texas, Santa Fe and Frisco system, and were able to get reduced railroad rates from all points within a radius of five hundred miles of Coffeyville.

It has been decided to hold the celebration on the fair grounds and work will be started this week on a grand stand, judge's stand and other suitable exhibition buildings. The promoters of the exposition say that the grand stand will extend a half mile around the race track, and will seat seventy-five thousand people. The track will be fenced and put in condition.

THe association will establish an office within a few days to look after the advertising and other arrangements connected with the promoting of the exposition.

The Interstate and Territorial Exposition company composed of a number of Coffeyville business and professional men, and the gentlemen behind the proposition are going to make the exposition the biggest and best of its kind ever attempted in the southwest. The main purpose of the celebration is to advertise Coffeyville and her material resources.

It is expected that ten thousand dollars will be spent in making the affair a success and nothing will be left undone for the accomodation and the amusement of the thousands of people who will visit Coffeyville on the three days. The promoters of the exposition have associated with them several men who have put on similar amusement undertakings and are well acquainted with the work.

The exposition is a big undertaking but this section of the country will be well repaid for the trouble, for it will show the people of the middle west a land that means "opportunity to all."

Coffeyville was at one time the trading point for the Indians of Oklahoma and Indian Territory, and many of the old squaws and braves, who have not been in this city for the past fifteen or twenty years, will come to renew their acquaintance with the people of Coffeyville. These Indians always liked Coffeyville, but the building of large towns in the twin territories has drawn their trade to other points.

Coffeyville is a border town, and there are few towns in the United States that has had such an exciting history. Our town is not so large, but that the advertising will do it good, and the performance being in the hands of reputatable citizens of the town, there is no danger but what the celebration will be a thing of benefit for the city.

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