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Dere Mojave
University of Chicago Daily Maroon, 18 Oct 1928
By El Tigre del Norte

Dere Mojave

Yore pore ol pardner has gone on got hisself all fixed up.  I hav unfolled my soogan here in thu wicky-ups uv learnin for three snos too come.   An I wunder wich way is thu wagin now.  Yeh, fella, yued trade thu ranch for my unyform, yu damned fule an Id swap the unyform fer a bronc cack an thu school in fer about forty feet u good maggy rope .... so ther ye air but where air ye? Ther is a lot uv prime fillies here but they aint nosing yur pardner.  There is too many roached Morgan ponies here with fraterniti pins for them to notise a pore broken don cow hawse.  I guess Ill be loboin it here all rite i wunder if yu cud tell me where thu wagin is camped.  I aint a ridin for hit rite now bein still tide up with thu C U outfi but it wont be long until I tris to git a job with thu W I L D bunch, an id sorta like to knoe if there wagin will be where I herd it wuz, ur if they ev muved camp will there be a sine ther to tell a fella wich wey hit went?  wen I come a ridin i wont be no rep hand, so wont have no string nor no pack hors nor nuthin, but jist a pore lone waddie trying to git along ... jist a ridin, jist a ridin, evry day withot a change an thus desert sun a gleemin on a thousand mile o range .... its all rite Mojave Ill jest play waht I got in frunt ov me and wen them urh gon wy I gess that'll be all an I dont think itll tak a grate wile to give hese back to em, hits a hard game to beet an Ive seen peepul who got panes in thur nees from sittin too long around a poker tabel so I hay mad a littul prayer to hu gods uv thu hills that before too many snoses gos off ill cum a ridin. which is about all that can be sed this mawnin

Yore pore ol pardner

         El Tigre del Norte

Historical Notes

Soldier Athletes

Not all of the athletic prowess in this university is centered in the varsity team athletes. In the R.O.T.C. department there are six enlisted men who have athletic records of no mean caliber. These men have played on military post teams and a few of them have even invaded the professional fields, and at the present time they are stationed at the University of Chicago.

Soldier Athletes

The outstanding of these military athletes is one T. Van Deusen, Private who was light heavyweight boxing champion of the Phillipine Department and China in 1924 and 1925 -- Captain of the Fort Mills swimming team in Orient games at Manila in 1925 -- Captain of the Presidio of San Francisco swimming team in 1926 -- Right Tackle on the Jefferson Barracks football team in 1926 -- Captain and Left Half of the Ft. Slocum N.Y. Team in 1927 -- and fought professionally under the long time of "Tiger Bell" in 1926-17.

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