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Contest 3 Winners
He May Be a Cad, But He's MY Cad!

Here is the Winner of the Third CAD contest!!!

Applause, Applause for this clever reader!

To remind you what the contest wanted, the question I asked you to answer was:

  • What CAD, real or fictional, in history or literature, intrigued you so much that you would have liked to reform him... and why, and how you would do it!!!

    Wow. I surely did get some interesting reaction to this contest. Mostly negative. Lots of visitors to the contest, lots of them annoyed. The contest has been called "unclear", and "unusually difficult because of it."

    And so now you behold a rarity, a thing not often seen in this galaxy. Me - contrite. They were right! Mea Culpa. I guess it was a bit far out and COULD have been more carefully worded. (I am only capable of so much contrition.)

    Herewith: My sole CAD contest Winner (and a clever Puss she is too) and a promise to very very careful think before I challenge again.

    And now: ................................drumroll:

    The winner!

    Nicole Pinder

    Dear old 007 has got to be the world's most lovable cad. Even though he's the original love 'em and leave 'em, who can hate the man who continually gives his all to save the world - and with such panache? More importantly, he's not a misogynist; he likes women in general and in bed especially. He just needs to learn discretion and discrimination.

    I don't think he could be reformed. He's older, set in his ways, and with the life he leads, it would be useless to try. He has to "realize the error of his ways" on his own. If there's justice, he'll fall for a woman who can more than hold her own, both in love and war. Then she'll keep him so busy trying to keep up with her, he won't have time for womanizing!

    Watch for the most dazzling CAD contest coming soon!
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