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My latest book!

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I'm so proud!

The Romantic Times Career Achievement Award
Romances Set in the British Isles

Library Journal
Best Books of 2003, Romance

Romance Readers Anonymous
Best Historical Romance of 2003

Romance Readers Anonymous
Best Romance of 2003

My thanks to all of you.


Let me entertain you.
Let me see you smile, and sigh.
Let me take you away from all this.
That's what I'm here for.

A long time ago, an editor warned me not to put on airs, because I wasn't writing "Literature" - I was writing "Entertainments." I wasn't insulted. It was liberating. And flattering. Because that's exactly what I set out to do.

I want to tell stories to charm and divert you.
Stories about other days and our own.
Tales of imagination and fantasy -- where alternate realities are revealed.
Stories of the past, idylls from a present you may not have seen.
About love and how it heals the human heart.

Take from these stories what you will, all I want to do is to help you ease dull care and hold fanged reality at bay for a little while.

That's what my writing does for me. And what I hope it does for you.

Browning wrote:

"Would you have your songs endure?
Build on the human heart."

There's advice I take to my own heart.

I try to create characters with dimension,
plots that entice,
with backgrounds that lull you into suspending your disbelief.

I'd be delighted if my characters are people you come to care for. And if you find situations that resonate and learn lessons that can apply to your own life, better still.

But all I want to do is to entertain you.

Let me be your Scherezade, your court Jester, the one who tells you scary tales at night, keeping the dark things beyond the firelight away by the power of my stories. If you want to let your imagination roam, let me help you set it free, while away a leisurely hour with me. Let me help you endure a tedious day, idle away a trip, divert you from your worries, ease some sorrow you don't want to deal with. Life is filled with weary woes. I write to banish them.

Let me entertain you.

If I do, please let me know.
And I will be content.
...Until it's time for me to tell us both another story.


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