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Contest 1
Describe That Cad!

My new book is THE CAD, and I thought it would be great fun to get your opinions of CADS!!!!

Three lucky winners will autographed copies of one of my books with a real cad - albeit a sympathetic one - in it!

The winning entries will be posted here.

All you have to do is email me by Friday, June 5th, and tell me in three glorious paragraphs or less:

  1. What you think a cad is?
  2. Who is the worst cad you've ever read about in any of my books?
  3. ...and why?

That's all. You can be as serious or humorous as you wish. (Remember, neatness counts.)

Go for it!!!

The winners will be posted here on Monday, June 8th. Sorry, previous acquaintance and even lifelong friendships won't sway this incorruptible judge!

The decision of the judge will be final. (Though obviously debatable.)

* And take heart -- even if you don't win, place or show, a different but equally stellar contest will follow this one.

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