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The Georgian era was more mannered than the Regency - yet a wilder time too.

The tighter the rules - the looser the morals? Sometimes. Georgians spoke more bluntly, wore much more extravagant clothing: the males were peacocks who happily wore lace and make-up, and the females had that and more besides - a whole language of fans, patches and flowers. The rich ones, that is.

But the poor weren't as badly off as they'd be in the next century, if only because most still lived on the land. The great factories, the mass migration to the cities, hadn't yet begun. That would come with the Regency - and the Industrial Revolution.

The Hell Fire Club flourished in Georgian days. How wicked that always sounded to me! That's why I put it in The Wedding. But the more I read about it, the more juvenile it seemed. Grown men dressed in silly costumes, play-acting in caves with loose ladies in order to feel wicked - as they paid dearly for their jollies. Sad stuff. Fidelity was much better - if a person could find the right spouse. But that's what romance novels are for...

Our hero's blase friend, the wicked earl of Wrede, is a real Georgian style rake; foppish, snide and sly. He was even more so before the editors got to him, poor fellow. Still, some readers tell me he's still too strong for their tastes, even so. Care to tell me what you think?

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