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After I wrote five "C" series books, I felt I needed to go new places and see new people for a change. But I didn't want to go THAT far. Regency England was still fine with me. And so I rested a while, sat back, and thought up new characters in a new situation, characters I could live with happily for a while.

I came up with a man with a mission, a man so single-minded and obsessed that he fascinated me. Alasdair St. Erth is a man possessed by the past and his need to revenge himself on his worst enemies. It also turned out that my "C" series people were my obsession. They, after all, did live and love in Regency England too. And so though I tried to leave them, they are obviously alive and well in my heart, because some of them managed to creep into BARGAIN, if only to play cameo roles.

No wonder I chose a book with obsession as a theme.

I am as haunted as Alasdair St. Erth.

It's simply astonishing the things I don't know about myself!

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