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Catholic Action
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CISCA - Sodality - Missions

"Buffalo" was the popular word about Cisca officers and members last fall. Catholic Youth convention bound were Sue Brooks, Maureen Fitzgerald, Judy Prisby and Mary Leigh Durham. Sue Trindl and Donna Lee Ziherle joined other Chicagoland Ciscans in modeling the latest fashions of modesty and taste in the annual SDS Fashion Show.

Cisca officers are (l to r) Margaret Eastlund, publicity; Francine Fetyko, secretary-treasurer, Judy Ewing, president and Jean Drumm, vice-president.

Literature chairman, Judy Prisby, checks a peculiar edition of CISCA NEWS.

- Catholic Action on the Move

Chicago Inter-Student Catholic Action IS an organization of action. The supporting committees - EOL, Literature, and Catholic Action - keep the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy constantly in practice.

Drives for the Old People's Home; time devoted to the St. Joseph Home for the Friendless, promoting good literature, motivating private devotions enable all students to put forth their best action through CISCA.

Mardi Gras highlights the activities of the Missions organization, although the work neither just begins nor ends there. Weekly contributions are made through the homeroom missions bank.

Individual growth in the spiritual life is developed through the Sodality of Our Lady. A solely spiritual activity, the four year Sodality plan provides inward stimulation that keeps Catholic Action constantly on the move.

It's the count down after the annual Catholic Action canned food drive. (l to r) Sue Brooks, chairman, Cathy Miller and Mary Tiernan.

Mary Dan Casey, freshman, checks the monthly EOL schedule with chairman, Nancy Gracyk.

Missions representatives turn in their homeroom contributions to Marion Morgan (left). Jean Roberts, Joan Zabicki and Dorothy Brooks count the coins from their mission banks.

Senior Sodality officers are (l to r) Joan Donovan, treasurer; Laurie Keifer, prefect; Nancy Evans, vice prefect and Pat Cronin, secretary.

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