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Sophomores - Ferguson - Milet
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Class of 1962 Student Index

Margaret Ferguson                                   Maureen Fitzgerald

Donna Fitzlaff                                   Patricia Flynn                                   Margie Frank

Janice Freeman                                   Joan French

Margie Friel                                   Judy Frye

Judy Gaffney                                   Dianne Gill                                   Mardell Girmscheid

Karen Glynn                                   Peggy Gold

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What is a Sophomore?

Sophomores are noted for their school spirit, class loyalty, dancing feet, cafeteria chatter and diets.
This latter, they will tell you loftily, is a simple technique they have developed - "mind over platter!"

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Sharol Golich                                   Frances Goodwin

Nancy Gracyk                                   Robin Greter                                   Elda Gutierrez

Rosemarie Guttensohn                                   Joan Guzzo

Margaret Harvey                                   Patricia Hazard

Mary Hennessy                                   Carol Hinsberger                                   Laverne Ives

Rochelle Jacobs                                   Claudia Johnson

Carolyn Johnston                                   Marlene Kahn

Marianne Kapes                                   Eileen Keane                                   Mary Keane

Jean Keating                                   Mona Kelly

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