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Sophomores - Ahern - Farris
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Class of 1962 Student Index

Kathleen Connolly                                   Dorothy Corley

Jo Ann Cox                                   Cathy Cronin                                   Patricia Cronin

Joyce Cummings                                   Denise Daly

Gail Dart                                   Nancy Dart

Suzanne Daskas                                   Michele Desmarais                                   Joanne Deveney

Nan Dillon                                   Pamela Donnelly

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What is a Sophomore?

Nevertheless, be it understood that the typical sophomore Sue finds English and history exciting,
Latin exasperating, geometry impossible, biology a challenge, choral and art, soul lifting.
Sophomores are found everywhere - in classrooms, in the gym, in the cafeteria, at assembly programs,
at A.A.A. activities, at pajama parties, at Carmel Socials, in drug-stores on 71st street, and
especially at Church.

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Geraldine Donovan                                   Joan Donovan

Florence Doody                                   Betty Duffy                                   Margo Duffy

Judy Druzik                                   Kathleen DuLude

Nanci Dunn                                   Mary Durham

Judy Eisfelder                                   Patricia Englebrecht                                   Margaret Eschbach

Judy Ewing                                   Suzanne Farris

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