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Sophomores - Ferguson - Milet
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Class of 1962 Student Index

Pamela Kenny                                   Frances Kewley

Lauretta Kieffer                                   Roberta King                                   Jill Klingen

Charlotte Knaus                                   Marguerite Kolb

Marlene Krupa                                   Janice Kuban

Mary Ann Kummer                                   Frances Langford                                   Joan La Rose

Mary Ann Leddy                                   Pat Leick

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What is a Sophomore?

At home Sophomore Sue likes to ask her parents for advice but then doesn't always take it, begs
her dad to teach her to drive, hates to do dishes, loves T.V., is good to her brothers and sisters.

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Rosemarie Lejman                                   Patricia Lentz

Joan Linden                                   Gerry Lowe                                   Christine Lullo

Marigene Lutz                                   Nancy Lyons

Virginia McGuire                                   Mary McGuirt

Sherri McKenna                                   Kay Maloney                                   Rita Manion

Nanette Manno                                   Madeline Marcordes

Jean Martinson                                   Ann Mazziotti

Rosemary Meehan                                   Lynne Meister                                   Mary Metzler

Carol Micelli                                   Sharon Milet

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