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Sophomores - Ahern - Farris
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Class of 1962 Student Index

Jane Ahern                                   Mary Aichele

Janice Altendorf                                   Mary Basetich                                   Janet Basinski

Joan Benson                                   Cathleen Black

Patricia Blanchard                                   Barbara Bozich

Colette Brand                                   Donna Brookman                                   Susan Brooks

Beverly Bruno                                   Marjorie Budzik

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What is a Sophomore?

Between the innocence of a freshman and the dignity of a senior is a delightful creature known
as a sophomore. The dictionary defines her as a foolish-wise-one, and this is true, because she
combines a natural inclination for fun and diversion with such serious aspirations as becoming a
member of the Sodality of Our Lady and the National Honor Society.

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Roseann Burke                                   Kathleen Cahill

Annette Cain                                   Judy Campbell                                   Gail Caron

Mary Jo Carrera                                   Noreen Casey

Helen Casilias                                   Darlene Cathcart

Linda Cegann                                   Mary Christensen                                   Roberta Clark

Lynn Columbo                                   Mary Connelly

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