Judge Sanders G. Lansing    (17 Jun 1766, Albany NY - 19 Sep 1850, Manheim NY)
        (son Gerrit Jacob Lansing and Jannetje Waters)
+ (9 Dec 1789, Albany NY)     Catharine Ten Eyck    (17 Oct 1769 - 23 Sep 1850)

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, New York, 16831809
1789. Dec. 9. Saunders Lansing and Caty Ten Eyck


    Jane Ann Lansing    (19 Aug 1790 - 10 Jan 1807)

    Abraham TenEyck Lansing    (12 Aug 1792 - 10 Feb 1842)
    + (Abt. 1820)     Jane Ann Stewart    (226 Mar 1799, Waterford NY - 9 May 1864)

    Maria Lansing    (10 Jan 1797 - infancy)

    Robert Lansing    (2 Feb 1799 - 1878)
    + Maria Hubbard; Cornelia Hubbard

    Maria Lansing    (b:21 Feb 1801)

    Frances Lansing    (b:3 Apr 1803)

    Frederick Lansing    (b:30 May 1806)
    + Catharine Alexander

    Edward Lansing    (b:13 Jun 1808)

History of Herkimer County, New York
Sanders Lansing, the great-grandfather of William F., was the first of the family to settle in what is now Herkimer county. He was born June 17, 1766, and his father's family became a distinguished one. His brother John was chief justice of the Supreme Court, chancellor, etc. Sanders Lansing married a daughter of Abraham Ten Eyck. He was a distinguished lawyer and was appointed register in chancery upon the promotion of his brother. He came to Little Falls in 1820, and had charge of several land agencies and in 1821 was appointed judge, which office he held until after 1828, the date of his last appointment. He was a man of lofty character and exceptional ability. His death occurred in the town of Manheim September 19, 1850.


At the September term of the oyer and terminer in this county in 1826, Samuel Perry was arraigned on an indictment for murdering his wife. The court consisted of Nathan Williams, circuit judge of the fifth circuit, and Hiram Nolton, Sanders Lansing and John Mahon, county judges.

Hudson-Mohawk Family Memoirs
Sanders G. (the G. for Gerritse was only used when he was a boy to distinguish him from an uncle, Sanders Lansing), was born in Albany, June 17, 1766; educated to legal profession in Albany and Claverack schools; was register and master in chancery in Albany; removed from Albany to Little Falls in 1820; in 1821 was a delegate to draw up new state constitutions; 1821-28 was county judge of Herkimer county, New York; afterward supreme court judge; died in Manheim, New York, September 19, 1850; married, December 10, 1789, Catharine, daughter of Abraham and Annatje (Lansing) Ten Eyck.
Franklin B. Hough, American Biographical Notes, p.246
LANSING, SANDERS, b. in Albany June, 17, 1766; bro. of John L., chief justice; he was educated to the law, and and appointed register in chancery; in 1820, he settled at Little Falls, N. Y., in a land agency; was in the state convention of 1821; was a county judge until 1828, and held several other legal officers; he finally settled in Manheim, N. Y., and d. there Sept. 19, 1850, in his 85th year. (Benton's Herkimer Co. N. Y., p. 340.)
Historical and Archeological Resources of Castleton Island State Park
A tragedy occurred on a Saturday afternoon in January 1807 "on one of the branches of the river about ten miles below town [Albany]." A sleigh travelling from Albany to Schodack "very suddenly" broke through the ice and "sank immediately under the ice." The sleigh contained Gerrit Y. Lansing with Jane Ann Lansing and two other young ladies; Jane Ann Lansing, oldest daughter of Sanders Lansing of Albany, was drowned (Harrison 1807). This might have happened in Schodack Creek, perhaps a short distance south of the present railroad bridge over Upper Schodack Island.
1815 Albany Directory
Lansing, Abra'm F, shoemaker, 5 Fox, sh 258 n Mark
Lansing, A T E, mer, 299 n Market   - probably Sanders' son, Abraham TenEyck Lansing
Lansing, Garret A, 34 Church   - probably the son of Elizabeth Cooper and Abraham Lansing, who was
        the son of Jacob Gerrit Lansing

Lansing, Garret Y, counsellor, 368 n Market   - probably Abraham G. Lansing's son, Garret Yates Lansing
Lansing, Henry R, mer, 444 s Market   - probably the son of Robert J. Lansing and Margaret Roseboom
Lansing, James, mer, 8 Fox   - probably the son of Garret A.
Lansing, Jacob, mason, 83 Hudson
Lansing, John A, baker, 33 s Pearl
Lansing, John Jr, late chancellor, 297 n Market
Lansing, widow of Myndert, 617 s Market
Lansing, Sanders, register in Chan. 16 Montgomery
Lansinh, Abraham A, 652 s Market
Lansing & Greiner, grocers, 37 Quay
Lansing, Harmanus, mer, 51 n Pearl   - probably the son of Sander Gerritse Lansing and
        Engeltje Harmense Van Slyck

Lansingh, Jeremiah, 80 n Pearl   - probably the son of Peter John Lansing and Elizabeth Wendell
Lansing, Henry, wheelwright 59 n Market
Lansing, Jacob Jr, wheelwright, 73 n Market
Lansing, Jacob J, 85 n Market   - probably the son of Colonel Jacob J. Lansing,
        and grandson of Jacob Gerrit Lansing

Lansing, Jacob, 216 n Market
Lansing, widow Ann, 216 n Market


GREAT WESTERN, First Company,--John Tayler, President; Simeon De Witt, Nicholas Bleecker, Charles R Webster, Isaac Denniston, Joseph White, Chistian Miller, Sanders Lansing, Isaiah Townsend, John Woodworth, Francis Bloodgood, Charles D Cooper, (Secretary and Treasurer) John D P Douw, Directors, Election, Last Tuesday in September

GREAT WESTERN, Second Company--Abraham G Lansing, President; Christian Miller, (Secretary and Treasurer) John R Bleecker, Edward Brown, Rensselaer Westerlo, Eleazer F Backus, Geroge Webster, John Townsend, Frederick De Peyster, Peter Magher, John D P Douw, John C Cuyler, Elijah H Metcalf, Directors. Election second Tuesday in August

Courts and Lawyers of New York, A History 1609-1925
Alden Chester
At the first session of the Court of Common Pleas, held in 1791, the lawyers admitted to practice in the court were Dirck Ten Broeck, Moss Kent, Peter B. Elmendorf, John V. Henry, Peter D. van Dyck, Abraham Hun, John W. Yates, Nicholas Fonda, Gerrit Wendell, Gerrit van Schoohoven, Cornelius Vanderburgh, Francis Silvester, Sanders Lansing and John Woodworth.
City of Little Falls NY

Chapter eighty-seven of the laws of eighteen hundred and eleven, passed March thirtieth of that year, constituted all that part of the town of Herkimer, in the town and county of Herkimer, contained in the following bounds: Beginning at a point or place on the north side of the Mohawk river, at the corner between the lands occupied by Robert Hinchman and Jost Tygart, thence in a northerly direction to the southern boundary of Evan Wharry's farm, thence easterly along the ridge of high lands to the boundary line between the counties of Herkimer and Montgomery, thence southerly along the said boundary line to the north shore of the Mohawk river, thence along the said shore to the place of beginning, as "The Village of Little Falls", for the period of fifteen years. Provisions were made in said i law for the annual election on the first Tuesday in May of five discreet freeholders, residents within the above limits, as trustees, by the freeholders and inhabitants, residing therein, qualified to vote at town meetings. ...

The above Charter states that five discreet freeholders will be elected, but there were no property owners at that time (only the Ellice Estate owned land), so no one but their agent was eligible. The first lot to be sold was to James Etheridge, on October 23, 1817.

In 1826 Judge Sanders Lansing, who represented the Ellice Estate, drew up a second charter at a meeting held in the stone school. This, however, was like the original charter, allowing only property owners to become trustees, which limited the five offices to James Etheridge, Robert Hinchman, David Petrie, Lansing and George Feeter, agent for the Ellices. Amid much confusion Judge Lansing abandoned the chair and the meeting broke up.

Churches of Little Falls

On September 26, 1792, a meeting was held and eighty-eight subscribers agreed to ., furnish funds to build a union church. As might have been expected, John Porteus, who held title to all the land on the north side at this time, was the leader in the movement and agreed to donate the land for a church and burial ground, and twenty pounds. A second meeting was held at the inn of John Morehouse on April 4 of the following year, with Major Jacob Petrie presiding and Evans Wharry elected clerk. The name Columbia church was decided upon and the pews were to be auctioned off. If the Dutch and English were unable to agree on a preacher who could speak both languages, they could hire their own and preach alternately. This practice was followed through many years, with one denomination using the church in the morning, another in the afternoon and a third in the evening. In cold weather the school was preferred as it was much warmer there. The eight sides of the church denoted that it was intended for all denominations, and each one used it at one time or another, before it was torn down. This common beginning, of all creeds, has handed down a heritage of tolerance through the years. ...

John Porteus died in 1799 and his son-in-law, William Alexander, had a dispute with the members of the church in June, 1801. He claimed that they had agreed to pay their subscription, but that he (Porteus) had expended 262 pounds while they had paid in only 68. He stated that he hoped the church wouldn't have to be sold to raise the balance. This dispute, however, didn't prevent Mr. Alexander from painting the church that year. In 1802 a missionary, the Rev. John Taylor, visited Little Falls and described the Octagon church as having a weather vane, but no tower, and made a sketch of the building. On December 31, 1804, the Columbia church was disbanded and the Concord Society organized to manage the Octagon church.

As might be expected, all was not concord with the Concord Society, since many groups were using the same building. One faction favored Judge Sanders Lansing and the other George Feeter. Strangely, both represented the Ellice family at one time or another.

Census Records
  Albany County
  Page 295

  Herkimer County
  Little Falls
  Page 90

  Herkimer County
  Town of Manheim
  Page 356

1790 Albany (3rd Ward) NY Census

1830 Little Falls NY Census

1850 Manheim NY Census, with deceased son Abraham's children

Poughkeepsie Journal, 3 Apr 1798

Christian Intelligencer of the Reformed Dutch Church, Vol XXI, No. 1055 - October 17, 1850.

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