Abraham G. Lansing    (11 Dec 1756, Albany NY - 5 Sep 1834, Albany NY)
        (son Gerrit Jacob Lansing and Jannetje Waters)
+ (9 Apr 1779)     Susannah Yates    (18 Aug 1762 - 25 Feb 1840, Albany NY)


    Jannetje Lansing    (18 Feb 1780 - 3 Nov 1830)

    Abraham Y. Lansing    (12 Jan 1782 - infancy)

    Gerrit Yates Lansing    (4 Aug 1783, Albany NY - 3 Jan 1862, Albany NY)
    + (7 Apr 1808, Albany NY)     Helen Ten Eyck    (b: 13 June 1787)

    Cornelius De Ridder Lansing    (17 Nov 1785, Albany NY - Sep 1849)

    John Lansing    (b: 10 Mar 1788)

    Cornelis De Ridder Lansing    (17 Nov 1789 - Sep 1850)

    Antje Lansing    (6 Jun 1790 - 14 Nov 1792)

    Saunders Lansing    (b: 15 Apr 1792, Albany NY)
    + (20 Apr 1820)     Angelica Schuyler

    Christopher Yates Lansing    (5 May 1796, Albany NY - 29 Aug 1872, Albany NY)
    + (27 Oct 1829)     Caroline Mary Thomas    (23 Mar 1805, Poughkeepsie NY - 29 Apr 1845)

    Susan Lansing    (Abt. 1797 - 28 October 1874)
    + (12 Dec 1843)     Peter Gansevoort

    Antje Lansing    (26 Jan 1799, Albany NY - 20 Jan 1830)
    + Reverend W. Monteath

    Sarah Bleeker Lansing    (b: 5 Sep 1802)

    Barent Bleecker Lansing    (b: Abt. 1804)
    + Philanda Orcott

    George Lansing    (b: Abt. 1806)
    + Harriet Schemerhorn

    Abraham Yates Lansing    (8 Sep 1808 - 24 Nov 1857)
    + (26 Apr 1836)     Eliza Jane Van Alstyn

Although little is known of Abraham's father, Gerrit Jacob Lansing, the success of all of Gerrit's children implies that their home was one that encouraged the education and entrepeneurial qualities of the boys. Abraham Lansing joined the 2nd Regiment of the New York Line. He and his younger brother Gerrit were ensigns, while their older brother John was a Lieutenant.

Educated as a lawyer, Abraham worked with his father-in-law, Abraham Yates. Lansing acted as Albany County Surrogate for 21 years, from 1787 to 1808, his appointment beginning the year after his brother John was appointed Mayor of Albany. Abraham served as New York State Treasurer on two separate occasions - from 1803 to 1808, and from 1810 to 1812. During those years, his brother John was Chancellor of New York State. Their younger brother Sanders was then a Master of Chancery in Albany.

Like his brothers John and Gerrit, Abraham was involved in business enterprises, serving as President of the Great Western Turnpike, Second Company, and President of the Champlain Steam-Boat Company.

New York Public Library
Gansevoort-Lansing Collection 1650-1919
Humanities-Manuscripts of main branch
Gansevoort-Lansing Collection

212 linear feet (357 boxes).

Collection consists chiefly of papers of the Gansevoort, Lansing and Melville families and reflects the social, business and political interaction between family members and friends and associates of the families. Gansevoort-Lansing papers contain correspondence, land deeds, financial documents, maps and surveys, notebooks, cookbooks, diaries, architectural drawings, photographs, and artifacts. The social, economic and political life of upstate New York over a period of more than 250 years is covered in the collection. Also, materials pertaining to military service in the American Revolution and the U.S. Civil War. Gansevoort family members represented in the collection include Peter Gansevoort (1749-1812), military leader in the American Revolution, Peter Gansevoort (1788-1876), New York political figure. Photographs (tintypes, daguerreotypes, cyanotypes, and black and white prints) show individuals, family portraits, house interiors and exteriors, historic occasions, and family holdings. Among Lansing family members represented in the collection are Barent Bleecker Lansing (1801-1876) attorney and landowner, and Abraham Lansing (1835-1899).

Subjects include business and financial matters, social events, family news, and current events.

The Gansevoorts and the Lansings were two of the original Dutch families to settle in the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys of New York State. Other families who intermarried with the Gansevoorts and the Lansings were the Melvilles, Sanfords and Van Schaicks. Members of these families were prominent in politics, the military, literature, law, politics, medicine, and economics.

Finding aid available in repository.

Correspondence with James Madison
Abraham Lansing to James Madison, September 23, 1812.
mjm 14_0594_0595

Albany Sept. 23rd 1812
Lansing Ab. G.


I take the liberty of soliciting your patronage for my Son John Y. Lansing who is a Surgeon in one of the Regiments of detached Militia of this State and who I wish to have transfered in the same grade to the regular Army or Hospital - he has been liberally educated, has creditably compleated his course of Medical Studies and received Diplomas both in Philadelphia and New York. That I have the Honor to address you unsupported by others, is owing to my Indisposition to apply to the two prominent characters here thro whom it is generally believed Applications of this kind can only be successful and who tho they probably profess to be your Friends, if their Sentiments are to be inferred from their Actions are only aiming to subserve their own views regardless of those professions - with them I could not consistent with the opinion I entertain of them have any connection until their conduct is less equivocal, altho I have no Doubt from their late Behaviour toward me that I could procure any Recommendation I wished on my Application. With my worthy Friend General Smith I have had an unreserved conversation a few days since - on the subject of our pollitical Affairs in which we perfectly accorded and he has been so good as to undertake the transmission of my letter under his cover. I have the honor to be with the greatest respect
Your obedient &
very humble Servant
Abm. Lansing

Albany xx April 1813

The condescention shewn by your Excellency to my application in behalf of my son for the appointment of Surgeon in the United States Army - I have had the honor particularly to acknowledge thro my respected Friend Genl Smith - in soliciting that appointment. I took the Freedom to mention the circumstances which influenced me to address you unsupported by a Recommendation from the Gentlemen who professed to be favorable to you and refered to the General for the particular reasons, to whom I had fully communicated my sentiments - subsequent to that period Circumstances occurred which convinced me that Mr. Clintons success was despaired of and that the characters I particularly refered to would probably unite in


GREAT WESTERN, First Company,--John Tayler, President; Simeon De Witt, Nicholas Bleecker, Charles R Webster, Isaac Denniston, Joseph White, Chistian Miller, Sanders Lansing, Isaiah Townsend, John Woodworth, Francis Bloodgood, Charles D Cooper, (Secretary and Treasurer) John D P Douw, Directors, Election, Last Tuesday in September

GREAT WESTERN, Second Company--Abraham G Lansing, President; Christian Miller, (Secretary and Treasurer) John R Bleecker, Edward Brown, Rensselaer Westerlo, Eleazer F Backus, Geroge Webster, John Townsend, Frederick De Peyster, Peter Magher, John D P Douw, John C Cuyler, Elijah H Metcalf, Directors. Election second Tuesday in August


Champlain Steam-Boat Company
Election Annually Abraham G Lansing, President; Jellis Wine Jr, Secretary and Treasurer; Teunis Van Vechten, Gerrit Y Lansing, Joseph Alexander, Directors

Franklin B. Hough, American Biographical Notes, p.245
LANSING, ABRAHAM G., brother of Chancellor L., b. in Albany, saw some revolutionary service, and settled as a lawyer in Albany; he was surrogate from Mar. 13, 1787, to April 12, 1808, and d. in 1834, a. 77. (Rogers's Hist. Discourse, p. 111.)
Military Service
List of the officers of four Battalions to be raised in the State of New York. Arranged by a Committee of Convention of the said State on the 21st day of Novr 1776.

Appears as Ensign in 3rd Company, under Captain Andrew Fink, in 1st Battalion under Colonel Goose Van Schaick.


Name:   Abraham G. Lansing
Rank:   Deputy music master & deputy commissary
County:   Albany Co.
Annual Allowance:   480 00
Sums received:   -
Description of service:   New York militia
When placed on the pension roll:   January 30, 1833
Commencement of pension:   March 4, 1831
City Directories
The Albany Directory, 1813
    94, Market, Albany, New York

The Albany Directory, 1813
    94, n. Market, Albany, New York

The Albany Directory, 1815
    358, n. Market, Albany, New York
    Director(s): President of the Champlain Steam Boat Company
    Director(s): President of the Great Western Turnpike (Second Company)

The Albany Directory, 1816
    358, n. Market, Albany, New York
  Director(s): President of the Champlain Steam Boat Company

The Albany Directory, 1817, 1818, 1820, 1821, 1822, 1823, 1824
    358, n. Market, Albany, New York

Land Sales
TOWN OF TULLY: 1791-1819
Lansing, Abraham G., Susanna to J. Fairlie 1794 (2CF,147) lot 21 Lansing, Abraham G., Susanna to J. Fairlie 1795 (2CF,147) lot 21

1800 Albany (2nd Ward) NY Census

1820 Watervliet NY Census

1830 Watervliet NY Census

Market Street originally ran north to Watervliet

Abraham Lansing, by Stefan Bielinski
Town of Bleecker, originally purchased by Abraham Lansing

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