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PSALM 88. Third Part. L.M.
Sickness sanctified. (cont.)

  2 Death, the last foe, was captive led,
And heav'n with praise and wonder rang,
  3 Him, the first fruits, his chosen sons
Shall follow from the vanquish'd grave;
He mounts his throne, the King of Kings,
His church to quicken, and to save.
  4 Faith sees the bright eternal doors
Unfold, to make his children way:
They shall be cloth'd with endless life,
And shine in everlasting day.
  5 The trump shall sound; the dust awake;
From the cold tomb the slumb'rers spring;
Thro' heav'n with joy their myriads rise,
And hail their Saviour and their King.

PSALM 88. Fourth Part. C.M.
A believer walking long in darkness.

  1 LORD, in a day of pow'r divine
Thy grace prevail'd, and made me thine;
To thee, my soul, when young, I gave,
And trusted in thy pow'r to save.
  2 But where remain the joy and peace,
Which, then I thought, would never cease?
If I am thine, how can it be,
That comforts should for ever flee?
  3 Involv'd in glooms of darkest night,
And banish'd from thy blissful sight,
I seek thy face on ev'ry side;
But still the glooms of night abide.
  4 Up from my youth, depriv'd of joy,
Afflictions all my peace destroy;
Thy terrors oft distract my soul,
And sorrows rise beyond control.
  4 O! turn thine hand, command relief,
Restore my peace, assuage my grief;

PAGE 149
PSALM 88. Fourth Part. C.M.
A believer walking long in darkness. (cont.)

  4 And let, of future rest, an heir,
One drop of consolation share.

PSALM 89. First Part. L.M.
The covenant made with Christ.

  1 FOR ever shall my song record
The truth and mercy of the Lord;
Mercy and truth for ever stand,
Like heav'n establish'd by his hand.
  2 Thus to his Son he sware, and said,
"With thee my cov'nant first was made;
"In thee shall dying sinners live;
"Glory and grace are thine to give.
  3 "Be thou my Prophet, thou my Priest;
"Thy children shall be ever blest;
"Thou art my chosen King; thy throne
"Shall stand eternal like my own."
  4 Now let the church rejoice, and sing
Jesus her Saviour, and her King:
Angels his heav'nly wonders show,
And saints declare his works below.

PSALM 89. Second Part. L.M.
The faithfulness of God.

  1 MY never ceasing songs shall show
   The mercies of the Lord:
And make succeeding ages know
   How faithful is his word.
  2 The sacred truths his lips pronounce,
   Shall firm as heav'n endure;
And if he speaks a promise once,
   Th' eternal grace is sure.
  3 How long the race of David held
   The promis'd Jewish throne!
But there's a nobler cov'nant seal'd
   To David's greater Son.

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