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PSALM 85. Second Part. L.M.
Salvation by Christ. (cont.)

  4 His righteousness is gone before,
To give us free access to God:
Our wand'ring feet shall stray no more,
But mark his steps, and keep the road.

PSALM 86. First Part. C.M.
A general song of praise to God.

  1 AMONG the princes, earthly gods,
   There's none hath pow'r divine;
Nor is their nature, mighty Lord!
   Nor are their works like thine.
  2 The nations, thou hast made, shall bring
   Their off'rings round thy throne:
For thou alone dost wond'rous things;
   For thou art God alone.
  3 Lord, I would walk with holy feet:
   Teach, me thy heav'nly ways;
And my poor scatter'd thoughts unite
   In God my Father's praise.
  4 Great is thy mercy, and my tongue
   Shall those sweet wonders tell;
How by thy grace my sinking soul
   Rose from the deeps of hell.

PSALM 86. Second Part. C.M.
Mourning over unbelief, and pleading for the evidence of an interest in Christ.

  1 JESUS, my God, my all in all,
Display thy pow'r, unveil thy face;
Wilt thou not hear when sinners call?
Is not thy reign, a reign of grace?
  2 A thousand times my tongue hath said,
"Bought with a price, I'm not my own;"
A thousand times my soul hath fled,
And sought relief before thy throne.
  3 But now I grope, as in the night,
I can't believe, and dare not trust;

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PSALM 86. Second Part. C.M.
Mourning over unbelief, and pleading for the evidence of an interest in Christ. (cont.)

  3 My path is hedg'd, I see no light,
My hopes are prostrate in the dust.
  4 With fears that all experience past
Hath been delusive, false and vain,
I dread, lest falling short at last,
I never shall the prize obtain.
  5 When to the cross I wish to fly,
And see the blood of sprinkling flow;
To Sinai's mount, not Calvary,
A legal spirit bids me go.
  6 Striving to stretch my wither'd arms,
I fain would give myself away;
But sins and guilt excite alarms.
And check a near approach to thee.
  7 O! if already I've believ'd,
If Christ and I indeed be one:
Then prove thyself my help and shield,
Or, let the work be now begun.
  8 Show me a token, Lord, for good,
And let me know that I am thine;
Dispel my doubts, disperse the cloud,
And on my soul benignant shine.
  9 Now, let thy Spirit from above,
Bear witness to my troubled heart;
Now shed abroad my Father's love,
And filial confidence impart.
 10 Then shall my foes, who hate me, see
That God is faithful to his saints;
That he hath heard and helped me,
And chang'd to praise my sad complaints.

PSALM 87. L.M.
The christian church.

  1 GOD in his earthly temple lays
Foundations for his heav'nly praise;

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