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PSALM 74. First Part. C.M.
The church pleading under sore prosecution. (cont.)

  4 Over thy gates their ensigns hang,
   Sad tokens of their pow'r.
  5 How are the seats of worship broke!
   They tear the buildings down:
And he, that deals, the heaviest stroke,
   Procures the chief renown.
  6 With flames they threaten to destroy
   Thy children in their nest:
"Come, let us burn at once," they cry,
   "The temple and the priest."
  7 And still to heighten our distress,
   Thy presence is withdrawn;
Thy wonted signs of pow'r and grace,
   Thy pow'r and grace are gone.
  8 No prophet speaks to calm our woes,
   The best, the wisest, mourn:
And not a friend, nor promise, shows
   The time of thy return.

PSALM 74. Second Part. C.M.
A prayer of the church for deliverance from great afflictions.

  1 HOW long, eternal God, how long,
   Shall men of pride blaspheme!
Shall saints be made their endless song,
   And bear immortal shame?
  2 Is not the world of nature thine,
   The darkness and the day?
Didst thou not bid the morning shine,
   And mark the sun his way?
  3 Hath not thy pow'r form'd ev'ry coast,
   And set the earth its bounds;
With summer's heat and winter's frost,
   In their perpetual rounds?
  4 And shall the sons of earth and dust
   That sacred pow'r blaspheme?

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PSALM 74. Second Part. C.M.
A prayer of the church for deliverance from great afflictions. (cont.)

  4 Will not thy hand that form 'd them first,
   Avenge thine injur'd name?
  5 Think on the cov'nant thou hast made,
   And all thy words of love;
Nor let the birds of prey invade,
   And vex thy mourning dove.
  6 Our foes would triumph in our blood,
   And make our hope their jest:
Plead thy own cause, Almighty God,
   And give thy children rest.

PSALM 75. L.M.
The hand of God acknowledged.

  1 TO thee, most high and holy God,
To thee our thankful hearts we raise;
Thy works declare thy name abroad,
Thy wond'rous works demand our praise.
  2 To slav'ry doom'd, thy chosen sons
Beheld their foes triumphant rise;
And sore opprest by earthly thrones,
They sought the sov'reign of the skies.
  3 'Twas then, great God, with equal pow'r
Arose thy vengeance and thy grace,
To scourge their legions from the shore,
And save the remnant of thy race.
  4 Thy hand, that form'd the restless main,
And rear'd the mountain's awful head,
Bade raging seas their course restrain,
And desert wilds receive their dead.
  5 Such wonders never come by chance,
Nor can the wind such blessings blow:
'Tis God the judge doth one advance,
'Tis God that lays another low.
  6 Let haughty tyrants sink their pride,
Nor lift so high their scornful head;

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