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PSALM 75. L.M.
The hand of God acknowledged. (cont.)

  6 But lay their impious thoughts aside,
And own the empire God hath made.

PSALM 76. C.M.
God protects his church.

  1 IN Judah, God of old was known;
   His name in Israel great;
In Salem stood his holy throne,
   And Zion was his seat.
  2 What are the earth's wide kingdoms else,
   Than mighty hills of prey?
The hill, on which Jehovah dwells,
   More glorious is than they.
  3 'Twas Zion's king, who stopt the breath
   Of captains, and their hosts:
The men of might slept fast in death;
   And vain were all their boasts.
  4 At thy rebuke, O Jacob's God,
   Both horse and chariot fell;
Who knows the terrors of thy rod!
   Thy vengeance who can tell!
  5 When God in his own sov'reign ways
   Comes down to save th' opprest;
The wrath of man shall work his praise,
   And he'll restrain the rest.
  6 Vow to the Lord, and tribute bring,
   Ye princes fear his frown;
His terror shakes the proudest king,
   And cuts an army down.
  7 The thunder of his sharp rebuke
   Our haughty foes shall feel:
The God of Jacob ne'er forsook,
   But dwells in Zion still.

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PSALM 77. First Part. C.M.
Hope prevailing over despondency.

  1 TO God I cried with mournful voice
   I sought his gracious ear:
In the sad hour when troubles rose;
   And fill'd my heart with fear.
  2 Gloomy my days, and dark my nights;
   My soul refus'd relief:
I thought on God, the just and wise,
   But thoughts increased my grief.
  3 Still I complain'd, and, still opprest,
   My heart began to break;
My God, thy wrath forbade my rest,
   And kept my eyes awake.
  4 My overwhelming sorrows grew,
   'Till I could speak no more;
Then I within myself withdrew,
   And call'd thy judgments o'er.
  5 I call'd back years and ancient times,
   When I beheld thy face;
My spirit search'd for secret crimes,
   That might withhold thy grace.
  6 I call'd thy mercies to my mind,
   Which I enjoy'd before;
And will the Lord no more be kind?
   His face appear no more?
  7 Will he forever cast me off?
   And will his promise fail?
Hath he forgot his tender love?
   Shall anger still prevail?
  8 But I forbid this hopeless thought,
   This dark, despairing frame;
Rememb'ring what thy hand hath wrought:
   Thy hand is still the same.

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