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PSALM 2. First Part. L.M.
A Morning Psalm. (cont.)

  4 He rais'd my head to see the light,
And makes his praise my morning song.

PSALM 3. Second Part. C.M.
God our defence from Sin and Satan.

  1 MY God, the temper would persuade,
   There's no relief in heaven;
And all my swelling sins appear
   Too big to be forgiven.
  2 But thou, my righteousness and strength,
   Shalt on the tempter tread;
Shalt silence all my threat'ning guilt,
   And raise my drooping head.
  3 I cry'd, and from his holy hill
   He bow'd a list'ning ear;
I call'd my Father, and my God,
   And he subdu'd my fear.
  4 He shed soft slumbers on mine eyes,
   In spite of all my foes;
I 'woke, and wonder'd at the grace
   That guarded my repose.
  5 What, tho' the hosts of death and hell
   All arm'd against me stood;
Terrors no more shall shake my soul;
   My refuge is my God.
  6 Arise, O Lord, fulfil thy grace,
   While I thy glory sing:
For Christ hath broke the serpent's teeth,
   And death has lost his sting.
  7 Salvation to the Lord belongs,
   His arm alone can save;
Blessings attend thy people here,
   And reach beyond the grave.

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PSALM 4. First Part. L.M.
God our portion and Christ our hope.

  1 GOD of grace and righteousness,
Hear and attend when I complain;
Thou hast enlarged me in distress,
Bow down a gracious ear again.
  2 Ye sons of men, in vain ye try
To turn my glory into shame;
How long will scoffers love to lie,
And dare reproach my Saviour's name!
  3 Know that the Lord divides his saints
From all the tribes of men beside:
He hears the cry of penitents,
For the dear sake of Christ that dy'd.
  4 When our obedient hands have done
A thousand works of righteousness.
We put our trust in Christ alone,
And glory in his pard'ning grace.
  5 Let the unthinking many say,
"Who will bestow some earthly good?"
But, Lord, thy light and love we pray;
Our souls desire this heavenly food.
  6 Then shall my cheerful pow'rs rejoice
At grace and favours so divine.
Nor will I change my happy choice.
For all their corn, and all their wine.

PSALM 4. Second Part. C.M.
An Evening Psalm.

  1 LORD, thou wilt hear me when I pray;
   I am for ever thine:
I fear before thee all the day,
   Nor would I dare to sin.
  2 And while I rest my weary head,
   From cares and bus'ness free,

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