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PSALM 2. First Part. L.M.
God the Father vindicates his Messiah.

  1 WHY did the heathen madly rage,
And why the Jews conspire in vain?
Why kings and rulers all engage,
T' oppose Messiah's gracious reign?
  2 "Come, let us break his bands," they say,
"We'll ne'er be govern'd by his laws:"
And thus they cast his yoke away,
And nailed Messiah to the cross.
  3 But God the Father, from his throne,
Laughs at their pride, their rage controls;
He'll vex their hearts with pains unknown,
And speak in thunder to their souls.
  4 "I'll vindicate the King I made,
"On Zion's everlasting hill;
"My hand shall bring him from the dead,
"And he shall reign, Messiah still."

PSALM 2. Second Part. L.M.
God the Son reveals the divine decree.

  1 TH' eternal Son with power array'd,
Declares th' unchangeable decree:
"Thou art my Son," the Father said,
"This day have I begotten thee.
  2 "For sin thou'st offer'd up thy soul,
"And thou'st a right to intercede;
"Thy life shall last while ages roll,
"And thou shalt see a num'rous seed.
  3 "Ask then, my Son, and I will give
"The heathen for thy vast domain;
"The utmost ends of earth receive,
"And boundless be thy blessed reign.
  4 "But nations, that resist thy grace,
"Shall fall beneath thine iron stroke;
"Thy rod shall crush thy foes with ease,
"As potters' earthen work is broke."

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PSALM 2. Third Part. L.M.
God the Holy Ghost invites and warns persecutors and infidels.

  1 "NOW," saith the spirit of the Lord,
"To those who sit on earthly thrones;
"Rejoice with trembling at his word,
"And at his feet submit your crowns.
  2 "With faith and love address the Son,
"Lest he grow angry, and ye die;
"His wrath will burn to worlds unknown,
"If ye provoke his jealousy.
  3 His frowns shall drive you quick to hell,
"For he is God, and ye but dust;
"Happy the souls that know him well,
"And make his grace their only trust."

PSALM 3. First Part. L.M.
A Morning Psalm.

  1 O LORD, how many are my foes,
In this weak state of flesh and blood!
My peace they daily discompose,
But my defence and hope is God.
  2 Tir'd with the burdens of the day,
To thee I rais'd an evening cry;
Thou heard'st when I began to pray,
And thine almighty help was nigh.
  3 Supported by thy heavenly aid,
I laid me down and slept secure;
Not death should make my heart afraid,
Tho' I should wake and rise no more.
  4 But God sustain'd me all the night:
Salvation doth to God belong:
He rais'd my head to see the light,
And makes his praise my morning song.

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