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PSALM 4. Second Part. C.M.
An Evening Psalm. (cont.)

  2 'Tis sweet conversing on my bed
   With my own heart and thee.
  3 I pay this evening sacrifice;
   And when my work is done,
Great God! my faith and hope relies
   Upon thy grace alone.
  4 Thus, with my thoughts compos'd to peace,
   I'll give mine eyes to sleep;
Thy hand in safety keeps my days,
   And will my slumbers keep.

For the Lord's Day Morning.

  1 LORD, in the morning thou shalt hear,
   My voice ascending high;
To thee will I direct my prayer,
   To thee lift up mine eye;
  2 Up to the hills where Christ is gone,
   To plead for all his saints,
Presenting at his Father's throne
   Our songs and our complaints.
  3 Thou art a God before whose sight
   The wicked shall not stand;
Sinners shall ne'er be thy delight,
   Nor dwell at thy right hand.
  4 But to thy house will I resort,
   To taste thy mercies there:
I will frequent thy holy court,
   And worship in thy fear.
  5 Oh may thy spirit guide my feet
   In waves of righteousness!
Make every path of duty straight,
   And plain before my face.
  6 My watchful enemies combine
   To tempt my feet astray;

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For the Lord's Day Morning. (cont.)

  6 They flatter with a base design
   To make my soul their prey.
  7 Lord, crush the serpent in the dust,
   And all his plots destroy;
While those that in thy mercy trust
   For ever shout for joy.
  8 The men that love and fear thy name
   Shall see their hopes fulfill'd;
The mighty God will compass them
   With favour as a shield.

Complaint in Sickness.

  1 In anger, Lord, rebuke me not,
   Withdraw the dreadful storm;
Nor let thy fury grow so hot,
   Against a feeble worm.
  2 My soul's bow'd down with heavy cares,
   My flesh with pain opprest;
My couch is witness to my tears,
   My tears forbid my rest.
  3 Sorrow and pain wear out my days;
   I waste the night with cries,
Counting the minutes as they pass,
   'Till the slow morning rise.
  4 Shall I be still afflicted more?
   Mine eyes consum'd with grief?
How long, my God, how long before
   Thy hand afford relief?
  5 He hears when dust and ashes speak,
   He pities all our groans;
He saves us for our Saviour's sake,
   And heals our broken bones.
  6 The virtue of his sov'reign word
   Restores our fainting breath;

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