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Single Page Chapter VIII

PAGE 322:

translation put every word that is found in the original? There is a note in the explanatory articles, which declares that we have omitted those peculiarities, and, in the preface, it can also be mentioned. Upon the whole, I think it will not only be more intelligible to our people, if we leave those parts out; but it will spare a number of apologies and explanations, we shall be for ever obliged to be making."

In a letter of June, 1793, he informed him that the work was going on, and far advanced, and then added "I hope it will be executed in an acceptable manner. Some of the Anabaptists, in a letter, have expressed their uneasiness at the harsh expressions in our articles of faith respecting them. The people meant in those articles were then called Anabaptists; but those who now pass by that name, do not hold such sentiments. Notice must be taken of that in the preface: I wish a note had been added at the foot of the article, for it is not our design to give offence; but the articles are already stuck off."

The publication of the work was completed soon after, and in the preface, he inserted a paragraph explanatory of the terms which had been considered objectionable and injurious to the

PAGE 323:

character of the Baptist denomination, as known in this country.

The Doctor watched over the Church, as a tender and faithful parent watches over a beloved child: and, the relation which he sustained to her, as the professor of theology, gave him a kind of paternal influence in all her concerns. It was not viewed as indelicate obtrusion in him to offer his advice, though it were not expressly solicited, upon any question of general importance, or likely to affect in the issue, the welfare of the Church: That was, in fact, his prerogative, seemingly by common consent, on account of his station and eminent personal qualities; and he would, whenever the occasion was such as to require it, promptly and without reserve, yet modestly or without assuming authority, exert himself to prevent, if possible, an apprehended evil.

The Trustees of Queen's College had, the preceding year, with the approbation of the General Synod, made some attempts in the Churches to increase the funds of their Institution; but these attempts proving only partially successful, they became discouraged and desirous, it would seem, to rid themselves of a charge, which had hitherto continually disappointed their hopes, and involved


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