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Single Page Chapter VIII

PAGE 324:

them in trouble. A plan was now conceived for forming a union with the College at Princeton, and an overture with this intention, was actually submitted to the Trustees of that College. When information of these facts reached New-York, the Doctor, with many others, was thrown into a state of painful anxiety, and felt much alarmed for the mischief which he foresaw a measure so unadvised would, if pursued, inevitably produce. A meeting of the Trustees being called shortly after, to deliberate and decide upon the whole business, at the request of Dr. Linn, he presented a full expression of his opinion in writing which, it is presumed, that gentleman read at the board. The paper containing this opinion was enclosed in the following letter

" My dear Colleague,
" Agreeably to your request, I have committed to writing my sentiments upon the proposed union between Brunswick and Princeton. It was impossible to communicate what I suppose to be the public opinion respecting this business, without being prolix upon some points. As you wished for full information, you will readily excuse the length of the enclosed. I need not tell you that I am perfectly indifferent, as to myself, and feel wholly independent of any consequences which may arise

PAGE 325:

from the issue of this question, be the determination whatever it may. But, I acknowledge myself greatly concerned for the Church of Christ, and am a sincere friend to both Colleges. From the enlarged and proper views you have of this matter, I am confident you will bring conviction to those who have hitherto considered the subject in a different light. I wish you may be an instrument, in this instance also, of doing great good for Zion. Be assured of my esteem, and sincere respect, and affection, and that I am ever

"Totus tuus,

"J. H. Livingston "October 25, 1793."

The paper is headed "Observations upon the Overture respecting an Union between the College at Brunswick, and that at Princeton;" and commences thus: "It is reported that the Trustees of the College at Brunswick, have appointed a Committee to meet with a Committee from the College at Princeton, in order to devise a plan for uniting those two institutions. That the two Committees have met and formed a plan; the outlines of which are, that both the Colleges shall surrender their charters, and obtain one new charter, which shall establish the College at Princeton, comprehend the funds of both, and increase the number of


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