A Couch of Roses, Joseph F. Saint-Germier

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exhibitions. He belongs to a family of Dusseldorf artists, his father, after whom he is named and whose pupil he is, being a distinguished portrait and genre painter. "At the Masquerade" was one of the attractions of the Berlin Annual Exhibition of 1891.

One of the most successful graduates of the studios of Jacquand and J.L. Gerome, Albert Aublet, is a Parisian by birth. He received his first Salon medal in 1880, and won steadily increasing popularity, chiefly by pictures of a graceful decorative character, remarkable for beauty of form and tender purity of color, of which "Sleep" is an admirable example. An appropriate pendant to "Sleep" is "A Couch of Roses" by Joseph Saint-Germier, another artist whose decorative pictures have gained him merited distinction. He is a native of Toulouse, and after commencing his studies at the art academy of his native city, became a pupil in Paris of the famous painter Galland, from whom his mastery of the style of subjects he adopted was largely derived. Those who have had the good fortune to visit the New York mansion of the late William H. Vanderbilt, now the home of his widow and of his younger son, Mr. George W. Vanderbilt, and have examined the magnificent decorations of that American palace, will recall, among them, the ceiling and wall paintings executed to order for the places they occupy by Galland, and form from them that idea of the beauties of color in the pictures of his gifted disciple which our illustration cannot convey.

A painter of striking seductiveness of style is Max Nonnenbruch, of Munich. After winning recognition by his earlier works of domestic genre, he devoted himself almost entirely to idyllic and semi-classical subjects, akin in feeling to "The Favorite," in which he found the true direction of his talent, and by which he is represented in the greatest private collections of Germany. Paul Mousset is a Parisian artist, a young man who while still a student achieved a distinct reputation

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