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Paul Mousset is a Parisian artist, a young man who while still a student achieved a distinct reputation by his mastery of the figure. His pictures show him to be a strong and accurate draughtsman, a good colorist, and a painter of elegant and finished execution. Although he produces portraits and genre subjects, his best work has unquestionably been in the line of "The Love Birds," pictures painted for the decoration of some of the most luxurious mansions of Paris.

The "Japanese Bather" of P. Mousset is another picture in the same feeling as "The Love Birds," but of more elaborate treatment. The original of this bather is a native Japanese woman of a dazzling beauty very rare with her race, who came to Europe some years ago, and has since served as a model for the Paris painters - the only Japanese model known, at least outside of Japan.

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I have thoroughly failed with this one. There is a famous Paul Mousset who is a French, prize-winning journalist, but he seems too young. Pierre-Joseph Mousset is an artist who dies in 1894, obviously not the "young man" of Vicar's description in 1901. This reference might be appropriate, but it's subscription only. HELP!

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