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Production From the District Exceeds All
Expectations - Several New High Grade
Discoveries Reported.

The Mining Investor, April 12, 1909, page 220

(By Jack Bell.)

Rawhide, Nev., April 12. - Rawhide's present mills cannot handle the tonnage that is being offered by Rawhide leasers. They cannot handle 50 per cent. The mills are pounding and grinding 24 hours every day and their bins are in such a congested condition that the millmen have figuratively thrown up the sponge. The ore is coming too fast for them. It has now come to the point where each leaser must take his turn with his ore. They must get into line like the crowd at a circus ticket wagon and wait their turn. The mills in course of construction are being rushed forward with feverish energy, the owners having seen the rich harvest that awaits them when they get in shape to handle the ore. The Knight-Cinlon mill people, now operating the old Gates mill on the flat below town have now decided to erect a 200-ton mill in town. It was the intention up to a few days ago to double the capacity of the present mill; but these plans have been all set awry by the deluge of ore that the leasers are throwing at them. They have divided to get up into town and avoid the five mile haul that is now necessary to reach the mill section.

The Evans mill people are also making the dirt fly to get their share of the big melon, as are also the King-Heisner mill owners. When these three new mills begin treating ore it will afford great relief, but the tonnage is increasing so rapidly that by the time they begin operation the congestion will be as bad as before. It is safe to say that the most optimistic man in Rawhide never dreamed that conditions would come to such a state as is now witnessed here. Gold-brick after gold-brick comes up for shipment by express. Today the Grutt Mining company received two bricks weighing 432 ounces, the result of a 68-ton run. This shows a recovery of very close to $100 per ton as the bricks are worth close to $6,000. Since the local mills have proven so satisfactory very little ore is being sent for treatment at outside mills. The very rich ore is mined with the lower grades and makes a high grade milling average.

It was thought as late as a week ago that this camp would well do without a railroad, but it is now being rapidly proven that a railroad to Walker lake with reduction works at the latter point will pay handsome returns from the share of business that will be offered to it.

The camp is rapidly filling up again and business is fairly steaming on all sides. The old sights of boom days are being acted over again on even larger scales. The saloons are crowded night and day and the gaming tables are reaping a rich harvest from the leasers who have already "been to mill."

The holders of Consolidated pooled stock met here today for the purpose of discussing the proposition made them by a crowd of New York capitalists for enough of the pooled stock to give the New York gentlemen control of the property. The result of the meeting was an agreement to accept the New Yorker's offer. The entire deal practically hinged on this meeting today; and it is safe to say that the Coalition property will be taken over by strong people and the railroad construction started immediately.

The past week has been somewhat of a revalation in the way of high grade discoveries. The Proskey No. 1 lease started the week with the discovery of 9 feet of ore that is being hoisted and dumped into wagons without a pound of the ore reaching the dump. This will be continued for a very short time, however, as the bigger part of it will have to wait for more mills.

The Bridges-Daniels lease on Bethania Mines estate now at a depth of 26 feet the bonanza shoot is 28 inches wide and slightly richer than where found a few feet above. Sacking continues and the first shipment will be made as soon as their turn comes at the local mills.

The shaft started a little over a week ago by the Little Four leasers and which is only ten feet from the Daniels Bridges shaft and also on Bethania Mines estate today at a depth of 21 feet broke into the Daniels-Bridges pay-shoot. The ledge proves to be 3 feet and 2 inches wide at that point, between two smooth, true walls. No assays could be obtained up to this evening, but pannings indicate that the entire three feet and two inches will run better than $150. The rich two-inch shoot in the vein runs way up in the thousands and plenty of specimens that are half gold were taken out this afternoon. The entire break between walls will be sent to the mills as fast as the latter can absorb it. The ore breaks freely and a great tonnage can be figured on from the very start.

Mr. F. S. Gordon, general manager of the Gold Reef lease on the Queen Bethania claim, returned from New York this week. He announced that he will at once erect a machine hoist and begin work on block 1 of the same claim in addition to prosecuting work in the old shaft on block 2. Plenty of good grade milling ore is being raised from the 80-foot level on this latter block and this company can be figured on for a steady production as soon as the mills can receive it.

The Tarantula Fraction on the North endline of the Bethania claim is rapidly coming into its own. This week they opened up the big Bethania vein in their crosscut from the north drift on the 87-foot level. A careful sampling exclusive of the two-inch pay streak gave assays of $58.50, while the high grade streak shows free gold plentifully dostrobited throughout the quartz. The company is sacking the product.

The Lucky strike lease on the Lucky Strike claim, which is owned by the Tarantula people, and which is located at the opposite end of the camp from the Tarantula, continues sacking the high grade mill product.

On the May No. 2 claim of the Rawhide Louisiana Mining company estate, the management is breaking out a three=compartment shaft. By the time they reach the 50-foot mark a power plant will be installed to continue the work down to the 300 level. This outfit has already encountered an 8-foot vein that yields high grade mill dirt.

Otto Steinheimer, the owner of the McMann group located on the western edge of the district started work again this week with three shifts. Work will be continued sinking on the big shaft doing systematic development and blocking out. As depth is gained on the big vein the values are increasing and yields a product better than $25 per ton. This company is also awaiting its turn at the mills with a 500-ton shipment.

On the St. ives lease superintendent Sears has received his little ticket that entitles him to his turn at the Weiss mill on an 80-ton shipment.

E.H. Scott an attorney who held a one-third interest in the Marigold lease, has sold his interest to L. W. Kline for $2,000 cash. Mr. Kline represents the Knight-Conlon Pulverizing Mill company here. Since Mr. Scott's retirement from the company three shifts are at work sinking the shaft, breaking ore and developing. A 50-ton shipment is on the dump awaiting its turn at the Knight-Conlon mill. This ore will net $40 per ton and is broken from the north drift from the Grutt Mining vein across 8 feet.

The Grutt Mining company have installed a hoist on their No. 2 shaft north of the working shaft on the developing vein on Grutt Fraction, owned by the Grutt Brothers of Consolidated estate.

The Lillian lease on the Early Bird claim of the great Consolidated estate is actually quarrying ore from a new discovery west of the old workings that shows a fissure 8 feet wide. As fast as it is broken it goes to the Murray mill for treatment. Thousands of prospectors have walked over this vein during the past year. While looking over the ground looking for a site for the Consolidated's big working shaft the other day, Gene Grutt discovered this big vein.

This is the same big ledge that the Murray lease is quarrying and loading on wagons for the Murray mill.

The Revenue group where a good strike was made some time ago continues in good ore and promises to be a steady producer from this time forward.

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