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Rawhide Queen Demonstrates its Right to Royal
Title Among Mines - Production Continues
to Increase and Ore Reserves Are
Also Gaining.

The Mining Investor, April 26, 1909, page 256

(By Jack Bell.)

Rawhide, Nev., April 26. - Rawhide tonight is without a malcontent. The camp today stands as did Leadville, Cripple Creek and Goldfield camps after the inrush of the first boom which it must be known, are a vast army that stampede to new strikes. In a mining way, with mines and prospects, Rawhide stands forth without a peer in the mining world. At this writing there are 67 leasers at work in ore. They are all in line with lots from 5 and 10 tons up with a good grade of milling ore that is awaiting its turn at the reduction plants at Milltown. There are no new strikes in the camp of moment; but the ore developing normally set forth as new strikes is but the enrichment fo the veins as development proceeds. It is true that two shafts have been started and are working for deeper levels. The Murray is working three shifts daily and is nearing the 350 mark. The Mint have their first round blasted on their way to the 700 mark. Bridges and Daniels, leasing on Bethania Mines estate are nearing their 50-foot point and will cut a station, begin stoping on their 8 feet of mill dirt and continue sinking at the same time.

In the Regent district the Royal Regent Mines company will begin active development some time during the latter part of the month. The Waiter Boys' lease, in the Regent end of the camp, has been sold to a Goldfield syndicate. This is the first cash sale of property that has been recorded for some weeks.

The high grade ore being mined throughout the entire district is finding its way out of camp by reason of the arrival of two big freighting outfits that have come to Rawhide permanently.

Grutt Balloon Hill lease, on Queen estate, continues to be the biggest thing in the entire district if not in the state.

Grutt Balloon Hill lease, on the Rawhide Queen estate is something short of marvelous in the way of block out, high grade ore. The rich shoot that was encountered at the breast of the crosscut from the 137-foot level has up to this time produced $31,000 net to the leaseholders. General Manager Barrett of the Queen Mines went to the Hazen sampler with the last consignment of 30 tons of ore for which settlement was made by the sampler of almost $375 net per ton to the company. The rich shoot extends 41 feet south in the vein from the 137-foot level and shows greater values in the winze sunk from this level at the point where it was first broken into, a distance of 26 feet. There has been stoped out both north and south on the vein 30 feet above the level. The winze will be sunk to the 75-foot mark where it will be connected with the working shaft 90 feet away. Men are being added to the workings as fast as places can be found for them, and the production will be increased to 10 tons per day within the next 10 days. All of this ore will be shipped to the Hazen sampler until the completion of the National Ore Purchasing company's plant when it will be turned over to that company's sampler.

Kearns No. 2 shaft on Queen estae is now known as the company shaft. They are hoisting a good grade of mill dirt at the rate of 12 tons per day and are still connecting the crosscuts below the 200 with the winze system and will continue following the shoot until the 4000-foot level is reached. A shipment of 40 tons went out to the Hazen sampler today from Kearns No. 1. This ore samples about four ounces.

The most important deal in the camp for weeks for a cash consideration was the sale of the Waiter Boys' lease on the Czar claim at Regent belonging to the Rector estate. This lease has a shaft 250 feet deep and in ore most of the way, and has already produced, and under the conditions of experienced miners, some $25,000 but has never been properly developed on account of inefficiency. The price paid to the 5 owners of the lease was $10,000 cash, and the owners to retain 15 per cent of the stock, which is to be taken up by the company at 10 cents per share within 18 months. The former owners of the lease refuse to divulge the name of the head of the syndicate at Goldfield but intimate that it is a well known operator who has millions of dollars behind him. This property will, in all liklihood, be immediately opened in a systematic way and become one of the regular daily shippers of the district. The former owners stated that a larger power plant would be installed upon the dip of the incline shaft and sunk to the 500 mark. The fact that a big company has taken over a leasehold in this section of the district has stimulated the owners and leasers alike in this part of the camp.

The Royal Regent Mines company, owning the P.G. ann Draw claims adjoining the above property on the north are making preparations for active development. A working shaft is to be started near the endline of the Rector estate on the Draw claim. They will endeavor to locate and open the great gold-silver lead which crops their entire estate as shown in its strike across the Czar, through the Royal Regent ground. Recent assays across the ledge give returns of one and one-half ounces in gold and 10 ounces in silver. This is one of the best looking properties in the Regent section and with proper developoment will make a mine.

The Royal Mines shaft is down 450 feet on Royal Tiger estate. Drifts were started north and south from this point and at a point 50 feet north the vein widened and a pay shoot came in. The ore is being sacked as it is broken down, at the rate of 15 tons per day and goes forward regularly to the sampler at Hazen. Control assays show that the shipments should net the company two ounces gold per ton.

The Steinheimer property on the McMann group south of the Royal Tiger property are working three shifts and will continue sinking until the 500-foot level is reached. The vein here stands almost perpendicular and is iun the shaft down to the 200 mark. The values increase and the shaft produces better than ounce ore. There is a vast tonnage sacked on the dump awaiting their turn at the local mills.

On the Bridges-Daniels lease, operating block 8 of Bethania Mines, Incorporated, have put a force of men at work on their No. 1 shaft which lies 150 feet north of their shaft on the rich ore which recently created such a sensation in the district.

The crosscut has been driven from the bottom of the 70-foot, 104 feet east, where the vein that has produced so muchg high grade has been encountered. They are just breaking into the hanging wall which gives ounce assays in nothing but gold and of a material identical with their No. 2 shaft south. This gives them a vertical depth at this point on the fissure of 125 feet. The test shipment that was sent to the local mills, consisting of 10 tons taken from a 7-foot break from wall to wall without sorting, gave a net return of two and one-half ounces in gold per ton without a trace of silver.

The Little Four lease that adjoins the No. 2 shaft of Bridges-Daniels, and also on the estate of Bethania Mines, Inc., is down 45 feet. Every particle of dirt that comes from the hole will net a return at the mills of better than one ounce. They will continue sinking to the 100-foot where prospecting will begin for the veins that lie to the east and west. Both of the above leases on the Bethania Mines have bids out for power hoisting plants and have made their contracts with the local mills to handle their tonnage. The old shaft that was the first discovery on Bethania estate, located on block 10 of the Bethania claim, is now down 16 feet from the adit level. This fissure all breaks to ore that controls show as the ore piles in the bins in their ore house will give them a result of one and one-half ounces for the entire breaik. The second shipment will not go forward from this company until 100 tons are made up.

Dr. E. A. Wheeler and associates have secured the adjoining block of ground on the Balloon claim of the Queen estate to the Kearns No. 2. The shaft is down 16 feet on an 8-inch seam of ore of a good outside shipping grade. The block will be thoroughly prospected and a machine hoist installed if the development justifies.

An option for purchase, with a substantial cash payment was given by the Poor Boy Gold Mining company to a syndicate made up in Paris, France. The consideration is $100,000 and the option holds good until September first, when $25,000 must be paid. This is one of the best estates in the camp, close in, four leasers at work and a big acreage.

The Gold Dollars, laying north and adjoining the Bethania Mines estate is being opened by five different outfits of leasers. This is one of the best situated estates and one of the largest acreages in the Rawhide district. The vein system that has brought Bethania Mines to the fore can be readily traced through this ground. A. L. Bolson, recently refused $50,000 for a six moths option with substantial cash payments to be made upon the execution of the instruments of transfer.

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