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Conditions in the Camp Are More Promising
Than Ever Before - Leases on the Queen
Are Center of Interest

The Mining Investor, July 11, 1909, page 181

(By Jack Bell.)

Rawhide, Nev., July 11. - The Grutt Balloon Hill lease continues to be the center of attraction, and under the direct management of President Casson is making strides toward regular and methodical development. The reserves and the manner of blocking out the immense tonnage of high-grade is going forward and speaks well for the future of the mine under the system that has recently been inauguated, and if the same lines are followed in the future the big dividents will of a surety be forthcoming, and that within the next 90 days.

The machinery is on the way into the camp and when it is installed and with two hoists in operation the money-making period will begin with startling results, from a leasing standpoint. It is a pretty safe prediction also that the Queen company will recognize what this lease has done for the estate and grant them the same period of extension - five years - that they have given to the adjoining leasehold - the St. Ives.

Another 35 ton shipment is getting under way and will be ready some time during the week. The high grade in the south west drift continues in its remarkable enrichment, and the other work on the upper level north is showing high grade ore also.

The Lawyers lease on Bethania estate is still in the spot light. In the south drift at the 80-foot point type work has advanced 21 feet and the entire breast is in ore that shows the most sensational pannings of anything in Rawhide, assays show that all the material is coming from the shaft is better than high grade mill dirt. The drift was run out for prospecting results and has proven far in excess of expectations of the owners. The whip that is in use will be followed by the hoist that is ordered and then the plans call for the 500-foot point.

The Gold Reef Mining company have completed the installation of their 12 h. p. hoist, the gallows frame is complete and the timbering of the shaft has started. Active sinking will begin some time early next week.

Bridges-Daniels on Bethania claim have broken into a body of quartz on the hanging wall side of the west vein in the north drift that shows heaps of gold and free gold in the hand specimens. The big shipment for the sampler is almost completed and will be sent down to the King-Heisner this week.

Every piece of machinery is in place and ready for testing down at the National Ore Purchasing company's plant. The riveters are expected daily and then when the tanks are placed and riveted the mill will be ready for the tets. The management states that they will be ready not later than the 20th of the month.

On the Grutt Hill Trust sub-lease the owners are in the high grade shoot that was opened July 2nd. The streak still remains at about 12 inches wide and shows the free gold and silver, and is producing three and four sacks of jewelry stuff every shift.

The Mint at the 400 are well along with their station and the appearnace of the heads on both sides look like a jewelry store. The material is all quartz and shows plenty of sulphides and the free gold stands out in every seam. The company is shipping everything that comes from the hole without sorting and the Murray mill returns show that the product is better than $50 per ton.

Stopes will be broken out at the 400 and men will then be added to the pay roll and the third shift will be added and sinking continued to the 500.

There is a better feeling in the camp tonight than there ever has been since the discovery of Rawhide. Every leaser sees his way clear and the owners are granting good extensions to the men that have stood by their finds. There is more work being done today than ever before, and the money is in sight.

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