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Only True Fish Stories Told Here Says Warden
Reno Evening Gazette - April 9, 1927, Page 1

"Lies may be told at any time or place and to any person excepting a game warden."

That's rule No. 1 discussed yesterday by the Izaak Walton League convention in Chicago as reported by the Associated Press to the Gazette. The disciples of Walton in Reno spent several hours last night arguing the question. They can't vote at the convention but they are not barred form talking.

"Of course," said H. P. Brown, game warden for Washoe county and one of the few sportsmen in the West who claims the distinction of never telling a fish story that he can not prove. "Such rules are not necessary for the fisherman of Washoe county.

The use of elastic rules, enlarging cameras and trick scales is unheard of around here. Why even Jack Bell, who picks big rainbow trout out of the Truckee river at will with a fly, always has his big fish stuffed as proof of his skill.

"Why I would never think of questioning the veracity of Henry Dyer or Dan Dunkle and they have told me some very interesting and illuminating stores."

Continuing Brown declared that the Waltonians of the East should come to Reno to get some real experience in catching fighting fish that increase in weight the minute they leave the water. It seems that the rare atmosphere has something to do with it.

"I have known actual instances," he said, "where a two pound rainbow taken on a fly out of the Truckee river doubled its weight before it could be taken off the hook and put in the fisherman's basket. At any rate I have seen the fish when it was taken out of the water and have been informed the next day by the man who caught it that he weighed it the minute he got home and it weighed three and a half pounds. As game warden I could not doubt the veracity of the statement and I don't. Ask J. P. Morrill up to the fish hatchery. He makes big fish out of little ones all year long and he knows how they can grow."

Brown would like to see a convention of the Waltonian League out jhere sometime - out where lying rules are unnecessary.

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