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'Gardenhackle' Disciples Plan Rare Sport Pursuing Wily Carp
Nevada State Journal, October 30, 1923, page 5


The carp season will open officially in Washoe county on December 1st. This rare and delightful fishing sport will obtain throughout the winter months. The disciples of "gardenhackle" bottom fishing will continue and Sunday outings obtain after the fighting carp until the opening of the trout season in 1924.

THe places where the carps are found in large numbers and where most of the devotees put in their favorite pasttime is in the territory below Sparks where the big drainage ditches empty into the Truckee river. The fish very in size from a half pound up to 25 in weight. They never "take water" but bore into the deep water and give a battle that is most interesting.

The Reno Carp club has been organized. Charles Siever has been named President. He is one of the anglers who early recognized the fine sport. All last winter he devoted every pleasant Sunday to the recreation and made a success of the game. The other members of the club are Rudolph Herz, recording and financial secretary; H. P. Brown, chairman of the publicity committee; Dick Richie, credentials; Harry Humpreys, historian; Major Turner, invitations; Herb Hall, director of ways and means of securing "gardenhackle;" G. R. Davenport and J. Frank Leonard, custodians of the priceless specimens of carp.

"I think that the sport will be even better tis winter, than it was one year ago," said Stever. "We have restricted the membership. The roster is particularly well chosen for the zeal of the coterie who have joined, because they are all fond of carp, the fish.

"There will be prizes offered. The member landing the largest carp will be given a pass to a picture show. The smallest, boob prize, goes to the fisherman that lands the smallest fish. The most important committee, and there will be plenty of wrangling, will of course be in selecting the recipe for carp dressing and the manner in which it can be made the most edible. The recipes are legion. However, the person who submits the best and newest method for serving this fish will be awarded the yellow derby, with a fitting inscription emblazoned in the sweat band.

"One of the rules will be strictly adhered to - no member must use anything but a fly rod and light tackle. He must have witnesses to present with his claim for a prize. Fishermen must use only 'gardenhackle.'

"I have not named the committee on recipes - that is an important matter. There will always be friction. Of course, most of us are familiar with the old line recipes. Some are odorously lovely, while others are mediocre. There will be fixed meetings. There will be appointments weekly of members who will be named to secure bait. Securing bait, not within the meaning of pre-Volsted, but the lowly 'gardenhackle' or fishin' worm."

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