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Fishing Season is Closed for Winter
Nevada State Journal, November 1, 1923, page 5

Hunting Now Takes Place of Angling Among Sportsmen of NevadaL


The fishing season contiguous to Reno, in the many streams in California, closed last night. Today an exodus of the past season's anglers and fishermen will take place, the town will be depopulated and the hunting grounds throughout the state where deer are plentiful will see this same legion of sportsmen. Reports from various sections of the state are that a greater number of deer this year than at any time in a decade. The weather promises to be fair and cool. The roads leading to the hunting grounds are all good.

Every old-timer huntsman in Reno has already gone into the hills. For the most part they have taken their outfits and will make camp for several days. The most popular places of the country for this healthful sport are found throughout the sections known as Smoky Creek, Granite Mountain, Donnelly Mountain, Park Valley, Painter Flat, the different ranges of mountains and in the foothills and hogbacks that are well timbered.

Among the visitors who arrived last night was W. F. La Follette, assistant superintendent of the United States air mail. Guided by Frank Caldwell, chief mechanic of the local field, he left in the storm of yesterday for Granite Mountain and will take a week over this territory.

There were but a scanty few who took a chance at the weather yesterday and covered any of the fishing streams. In the Truckee river canyon there was a heavy snowfall almost the entire day. The main ranges were white and six inches was the minimum in the high places.

At Mystic the water was clear as any small mountain creek. The water was covered with the small drab quill fly. Myriads of them were everywhere. However, this is not unusual. The fish began rising for this feed as early as 9 o'clock. It was a very difficult matter to properly strike the rising trout. The snow falling, with a brisk wind, made even casting a very hard task. Wet outfit - everything wet. Many good fish were not hooked for this reason. Above the railroad bridge in the famous "hole" trout of all sizes could be seen rising clear of the water after the flies. Six fish were hooked and landed in this storm. They weighed two and a half pounds dressed. Let it be known that weather conditions in the fall and early winter make no material change in the feeding fish. It is the fall fishing that is the best. One must use very small flies - nothing larger than 14s. The late hatch of flies are invariably of the dark varietieis. Feeding on surface as they do the fly fisherman must spot his cast - do it so the leader and flies will fall very lightly. It is hard work, but the fight that will result from the hooked trout - any specie - will more than repay the 40 casts a minute.

There is not a stream within a hundred miles of Reno that is not teeming with fry and fingerlings. Next yar will see the sport at its apex.

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