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Sunshine Property at High Grade Camp Sells for $68,000
Nevada State Journal - June 11, 1912, Page 6

The Sunshine mine has been sold and the mining game in Camp High Grade is on in dead earnest, says the High Grade News.

Since last October Charles L. Fulton of Los Angeles, who is classed among the shrewdest and most successful mining men of the west, has kept in close touch with the district. From the beginning he was impressed that it bore the stamp of genuine merit and in this opinion he has never wavered.

Mr. Fulton reached New Pine Creek on April 1st, among the first of the new arrivals, and immediately entered upon his extraordinary campaign of practical and systematic investigation and the acquisition of property. No day was too stormy and no snow bank too deep to deter him from making numberless hazardous trips to the mines of High Grade proper on skis. He thus secured data on the formation of the district and the value of its ores which has been of worth to him in his negotiations for property.

On April 2, the next day after his arrival, Mr. Fulton visited and examined the Yellow Jacket mine and Gascon fraction adjoining the Sunshine and wired his Los Angeles associates that High Grade was right and within a week secured deeds to the property.

He then secured permission to examine the Sunshine property, which he did in company with E.J. Trevarrow, for years superintendent of the Vindicator mine at Cripple Creek; Jack Bell, formerly of Stratton's Independence, and B. X. Dawson, a mining man of very extensive and successful experience in Colorado and the coast states.

The samples taken from the tunnel during the investigation average $300 per ton across from an 8-inch pay streak and $1000 per ton across a similar pay streak in the shaft. These returns were secured from a number of tests on ore carefully and systematically sampled by the gentlemen above mentioned.

Negotiations were opened for the purchase of the property which culminated in its sale to Mr. Fulton on Monday last by the owners, W. A. Schauer and Charles Laughlin, for the sum of $68,000.

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