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Great Strike in Buckskin Mine
Denver Post, December 29, 1906, Page 6

Jack Bell Company Find Sensational Values in Fifteen Foot Vein
Much Free Gold and High Grade Sulphide

A sensational strike is reported on the property of the Jack Bell Mining Company in Buckskin district. This development was made in Red Top ground, the original discovery of that camp. The lease is sunk on a fifteen foot vein that gave sensational pannings on the surface. The vein continued strong in the shaft for a depty of thirty-eight feet and panned and assayed up in the pictures. At the crosscutting for a distance of nineteen feet the ore was continuous and showed lots of free gold, and also some sulphide. Beetween walls this vein measures thirty-two feet. Four feet from the hanging wall was found a copper vein that showed copper ore where opened up. Much native copper was found at this point. The silver-copper values showed $200 per ton but picked samples carried more than $16,000 in gold. There is great excitement and many are leaving daily for the strike. The company is already sacking ore and drifting has begun on the copper vein. This work will continue until machinery can be installed and then the shaft will be sunk to the 300 foot level. The Truckee Electric Power line has reached Buckskin Camp and an electric hoist will be installed about January 1st. The lease operated by the Frontier Exploration Company of Nevada, and which property is west of the Jack Bell, has cut a big body of quartz on the 80 feet level, and this development gives every indication of being another sensation. The pannings show lots of free gold.

Over at Bellview a boom is already started but is handicapped to a certain extent by bad weather. Colorado people have discovered some very high grade copper ore in two shafts which they have driven down thirty-five feet each. All of the ore taken out of this shaft is shipping material. These strikes have given an impetus to other operations and all available ground has been purchased by Goldfield, Salt Lake and Colorado capitalists. The Smith Valley Investment Company, a Colorado corporation platted a townsite at Bellview and sold all the main street lots offered in one day. An artesian well is being sunk, and a two story hotel and numerous smaller buildings for stores and residences are under construction.

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